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Jul 28, 2007 08:48 AM

What to do w a full bottle of pinot noir

After dinner last night jfood has a full bottle of 2005 PN and is looking to make a chicken, veal or beef dish (probably a braise or stew).

Currently leaning towards the Beef from Julia's "Essentials" and also with Pepin's "Cooking at Home".

Any other suggestions appreciated.


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  1. Not very summery, but it could qualify as a beef stew: Pinot Noir is great in Beef Bourguignon. I made a thick stew of the dish and served it over garlic-rubbed bruschetta. Not quite seasonal with the blazing Florida heat, but delicious none-the-less. I created a hybrid of Ina Garten's recipe and a lower fat recipe in a Williams-Sonoma cookbook.

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      jfood finally reporting back.

      Took the afternoon off and went with Barefoot Contessa's Beef Bourguignon. End result was fantastic. The sauce could use a little more than the 2T butter/3T flour to thicken, but other than it is a fantastic recipe.

      Many thanks to all for the recos.

    2. silly question maybe.... but why not drink it?

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          Mmmmm... coq au vin... I think I've used a Joy of Cooking recipe that's quite tasty....

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            That's what I was going to suggest... Full bottle of wine, and chicken is an option... First thing that pops in my head.

            Although, I'd probably just drink it... especially if it's good wine. $12 and under is fair game for both cooking and drinking though...

            Hell, I'm steaming an artichoke with some wine in the mix right now just because it gave me a legitimate reason to open a bottle.

            By the way: Joy of Cooking fecking rules!

            2nd edit: I once made a rabbit stew that used a full bottle of wine. It was a Saveur recipe... maybe you can find it on their website. That's where I got it. It was pretty good, but that's the only time I've cooked rabbit, so I really have no frame of reference on how good it was. Would probably work with chicken too.

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            Braised short ribs. Search the board for recipes, but they virtually all call for an entire bottle of wine.

            1. re: masha

              yes, yes...though short ribs are more of a fall/winter dish, this is a great way to use up that pinot noir.

        2. Today I bought all of the ingredients for this dish and I am going to make it tomorrow (although I'm not sure if I'll use all 100 cloves):


          1. jfood, I would simply pour it into a pan, turn on the heat, and reduce the stuff to a sryup--for use in all sorts of things from sauces to dressings, to you name it. It won't burn as you reduce it.

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              How long would that stay in the fridge? Understand it's a function of use but could i use over a week or two?

              1. re: jfood

                Once reduced, it will be good in the ref for a couple of months. All the alcohol will be gone, and the rest is pretty inert.

            2. My recipe would be pour it in a wine glass, swirl it, sniff it, and drink it!!!!!!! Ooops...Just saw the post that you don't drink...Well then, I suppose that one could put it in a some sort of beef dish, like a hearty stew or short ribs...

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                after braising your meat is a skillet use the wine to deglase the fond in the bottom of the skillet.the alcohol will evaporate and the sauce is awesome