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Jul 28, 2007 08:42 AM

Vestfrost Refrigerators?

I was planning on picking up one of these for my office - I have been enticed by its small footprint, both physically and ecologically (it uses around $2.50 a month in electricity, reportedly.)

I do have a few questions, though.

1) Does anyone have one, and are they happy with it?

2) How hard is it to defrost it? (One of the reasons it is so efficient is that you must manually defrost it.)

3) Does anyone know of any local dealers in NYC? The Vestfrost page only lists European dealers.

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  1. 1) No/No

    2) Old wives tale. Frosting up cannot be efficient for anything.

    3) I have seen them at Home Depot and consider them with my 10 foot pole rule. 10 foot is as close as I wish to get next to them.

    BTW- Made in Scandinavia.

    1. Vestfrost is Danish, and not all their designs make it here right away
      (I emailed them about one slick design...)
      In the USA the Vestfrost fridges are Summit, and they're in the Bronx =
      two years or so ago it changed from Conserv to Summit
      you'll find much more to google with those names = there was much discussion on about a particular tall model with a small footprint

      I have that tall one, love it. The defrosting thing isn't such a big deal.
      It didn't frost up the first year.
      This summer (year 2) I got frost on the coils above the ice tray . . . I'm due to empty the freezer and turn it off (fridge and freezer have separate condensers, so you can turn freezer off and leave the fridge on)
      In the meantime it was pretty easy to carefully knock the frost off with a spatula. The freezer has drawers, and that part of the appliance doesn't get frosted. As I write that, I know what I'm doing tomorrow....I haven't actually defrosted it since I bought it.

      1. I've had my vestfrost for 8 years, and bought it from someone who had had it for at least 3 years before me. I've never had a problem with it. Love it. Defrosting is extremely easy, and only needs to be done maybe once a year at the most. It's quiet, clean and very efficient. Home Depot sells them! I live on a campus that bought 10 of them at the same time (11 years ago) and none have had problems. 4 are used in an industrial kitchen.
        I don't think the "10 foot pole rule" applies for these excellent products.

        1. I've had my vestfrost since 1995. It's great, hardly ever needs defrosting because I keep it full (as the instructions suggest). It has definitely been an electricity miser. We don't shop like many Americans, but buy our vegetables a couple of times a week, have a CSA subscription in the summer and go to the farmers' market. The biggest problem I've had is supplying replacement handles or bins. It is getting older and with kids, men, etc. these things break over time. It's great Home Depot offered them, but what happened (no longer)? We have been looking for a supplier to buy a Vestfrost Freezer. Would love to buy one. Here's something that was in our frig until recently.