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Jul 28, 2007 08:36 AM

Getty Museum Restaurant or Beau Rivage (PCH) for romantic dinner??

Hi Everyone,

We're planning a romantic dinner and wanted to get your thoughts on which place might be better overall, taking in to account atmosphere AND food quality.

The Getty Museum Restaurant vs. Beau Rivage (along PCH)?

Also, are the seats for the Getty Restaurant outside in September, or enclosed inside only?

Thank you for your input!!

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  1. If you mean the Getty Villa (on PCH), then they never serve dinner. They do have about half of their seating outside. They are a casual (order at a counter) Italian/Greek place.

    If you mean the Getty Center (off the 405), they have one of the best views in LA, and the patio is open until the weather starts getting cold. They serve dinner on Fridays and Saturdays, and a GREAT brunch on Sundays.

    Beau Rivage has a great view as well, but the food is a little old school for me. I lived in Malibu for about 5 years, and made it up there a few times. the Getty Center restaurant is far more intriguing, both for the view and the food, IMHO.

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    1. re: Dave and Stuff

      Thanks, Dave! Yes, I meant the Getty Museum, not Villa. Seems like a great place to go around sunset. Seems to get mixed reviews food-wise, though.

      1. re: Liquid Sky

        I've never had a bad experience at the Restaurant. It's lovely, the food is good-to-great and the service is always very friendly. Just my two cents...

    2. I'm assuming you're taking about the Getty Center which I would definitely recommend. One advantage is that it feels like a "destination restaurant" with the lower parking, tram up to the top, the walk through the museum, and the garden to walk through afterward. Plus the food is pretty good. One note if you are going on a Friday is to check what's happening at the museum as they run "Fridays off the 405" which is fun and festive but might cut into your romantic plans if romantic=quiet to you.

      1. Beau Rivage is wonderful. Old school, yes, but the food isn't necessarily that heavy. Fulfills the charm and romance quotient too.

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          I agree, and in fact, find Beau Rivage a far better place to dine than the Getty. Yes, at the Getty the views are spectacular, but I was underwhelmed by the food, and with Lilliputian portions, I would never go back. For example, my entree was a blue cheese encrusted filet. I exaggerate not - it could not have been more than three ounces, and not much larger than a slightly pregnant golf ball. When I brought this to the attention of the waiter, he indicated that mine was on the larger side. Lucky me! I literally left still hungry, as did the others in our party. Was the food good? Yes, it was good, but not great. Sadly, we wound up having a second meal immediately after to satiate our appetites (Not the Getty, of course). It was quite an expensive evening, to say the least.

          The ambience at Beau Rivage is a bit old school, but that's part of the charm. I've never had anything but first rate meals there. And you won't leave hungry. There is a covered outdoor patio with a fountain at Beau Rivage that's quite lovely.


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            Is there a view of the water at Beau Rivage? Is it up on a hill?

            1. re: Liquid Sky

              I believe there are some water views at Beau Rivage if you are seated on one side of the patio, but you could always call and ask just to make sure. There are great water views at Geoffreys, but their food is pricier and not quite as good as Beau Rivage.

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                Thanks. People seem to speak pretty well of Moonshadows in Malibu also.

                Too bad about the miniscule portions at Getty. Hate that!

                1. re: Liquid Sky

                  You know, Moonshadows is actually quite nice. I've never been to Beau Rivage, but it is on the land side of PCH, so you are not directly on the beach as you are at Moonshadows. Both Moonshadows and the Chart House are right over the water - which really makes up for the rather ordinary food.

                  My spouse and I like to stop for drinks and appetizers at Chart House, just to be able to sit and watch for dolphins playing in the water. Everytime I've decided to stay for dinner, I've been underwhelmed. When I apply the same standard to Moonshadows, I end up thinking it was worth it. If you think in terms of a scale of 1 - 10, it's the difference between a 3 and a 6.

            2. re: Moose

              Wow. I'm really surprised to hear you say that about the food portions at the Getty Center. Last time I went, I had a NY strip that must have been 12oz.

              Beyond the steak, I felt like the portions were right in line with any other upscale restaurant in LA (Lucques, Grace, etc), but the prices were lower than both of those and the views are amazing!

              1. re: Dave and Stuff

                Thanks for all of your comments. If anyone else has recent reviews of The Getty Center... or has other recommendations for restaurants with good food and a pretty outdoor seating (garden, etc.), PLEASE let me know!

                My top outdoor-restaurant picks currently:

                1) GETTY MUSEUM
                2) JOE'S (Venice)
                3) LILLY'S CAFE (Venice) -- I know this is more casual than the others, but I heard they have a nice outdoor cafe. And sometimes I just like nice bistro food.
                4) CAFE PINOT (Downtown)

                1. re: Liquid Sky

                  I agree with cyberroo that the Getty is pretty corporate, even the food seemed corporate. Nevertheless, the view is nice and the garden is a lovely place for a before or after dinner walk. I really, really liked Joe's, although it's been a couple of years. We sat in the patio and had the tasting menu. Lilly's patio is similar to Joe's, just more casual. I haven't tried Pinot.

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                    here's a link that discusses cafe pinot, the getty museum and some other places.


            3. I took photos during my last dinner at the Getty museum. I would have said to judge the portions for yourself, but with macro focus, everything looks big. Still, for what it's worth:


              Personally, I think the Getty Restaurant is really good and the view of the twinkling basin will be great. Even if you don't get to sit outside, you can still sip cocktails or wine out there before heading inside for dinner.

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                nice writeup. sitting in the middle of the getty restaurant, where you can look out three windows, works for me. interesting room. i like it.

              2. The original comment has been removed