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Jul 28, 2007 08:21 AM

Traveling from Austin to Corsicana

Trying to decide my route -

Any awesome chow in Mexia, Groesbeck, Hearne, Hubbard or Hillsboro?

Open to anything ranging from nice to a back woods shack

Not afraid to off road it!

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  1. Are you staying on 35 until you get to Hillsboro? If so, Kolache's at the Czech Stop at Exit 353 in West, TX.

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    1. re: kendraburt

      I would say bypass the Czech stop and turn right towards town. There's a bakery on your immediate right and a couple downtown. I've always preferred the inland kolaces more than those on the freeway.

      1. re: kindofabigdeal

        Thanks for the kolache tip -
        i'll check it out along with the other baked goods!
        Any CFS or BBQ must haves? I'm also looking for a tasty pieshop, if possible???

        1. re: nibbleybits

          In Corsicana, you MUST got to Collin Street Bakery if you want a good bakery!

          Yes Fruitcake is good... but Pecan Pies, Breads of all kinds, cookies, pies, sweets galore.. My fav is Mini Key Lime Pie and my wife and I both agree the Cheddar Bacon Bread is out of this world!


          1. re: JB_Dallas

            Funny. I didn't know they did anything but the fruitcake. My grandma from ohio (we're in DFW) sends us one each year. I pick off the fruit, then we kind of stare at it for a couple of weeks.

            1. re: kindofabigdeal

              Initially, i was the same way. My mother, who lives south of the metroplex, brought some of the Key Lime Pies once some time ago and I was hooked! The Pecan Pies and Mini Pecan Pies are also equally Delicious!

          2. re: nibbleybits

            If you go to the Czech Stop, I recommend the hot and spicy chubbies with cheese and the Texas Sheet Cake (usually available by the square).

      2. The bad thing about all this is that I get tooo hungry every day reading the new posts... I am taking a reverse of your trip on the 31st... Dallas to Austin for a wedding so let me know if you find anything on the way up as well.