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Jul 28, 2007 07:40 AM

Best Philly places to buy fish?

Hi, I'm new to the city and live in West Philly (but will travel to CC easily). Where do you all get fish? Fresh, seasonal a priority of course. thanks!

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  1. Are you talking about to "eat it in a restaurant" or to actually just buy it in a store?
    If the second, I am not sure this is the right thread for your post.
    If you meant to dine, I recommend Estia.
    For purchase to take with you, believe it or not, Food Source has very fine fish and fresh the same day.

    1. From West Philly, I'd take the El to Reading Terminal (maybe with a small cooler). I prefer the fish stand that has the 'eat fish live longer' sign, but I think they are all good. Also, they'll debone whole fishes for you if you want. It's worth checking them all out to see which has the best quality and price on what you want any given day. Thank you.

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        I like that one too, John Yi. I'm comfortable enough with them that we very regularly get their ahi tuna and serve it seared, raw on the inside.

        Also, I just discovered their $6.50 a pound Chilean Sea Bass 'trimmings' that are great for stir fries or curries.

      2. Ippolito's at 13th and Dickenson is excellent. They are "related" to Samuels and son which supplies most of the area's restaurants. They have wonderfully fresh seafood because of the turnover and will get you ANYTHING with about 24 hours notice. They will also cook anything in the store for you in a basic bake/broil/fry preparation.