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Jul 28, 2007 06:02 AM

New North Miami Restaurant - Two Chefs

In the old Blue Water Grill location on NE 123rd near the bay, I noticed a sign this morning for Two Chefs coming soon. This looks like a nice addition to the neighborhood. If nothing else, it should be a great spot to grab a cocktail. I'm not familiar with Jan Jorgensen or his Two Chef restaurant in Coral Gables. Is the food any good?

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  1. I think you mean the Blue Oyster Grill. It's a great addition to the area. Jan Jorgensen has been running a great restaurant for years. He has a good reputation.

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      Yes. Blue Oyster Grill. Went once, never went back. Looking forward to the new addition.

    2. I ate at Two Chefs when I used to live in the Grove, it was quite good. The menu was creative and the food tasted fresh and well seasoned. This should be a great addition to the North Miam area.

      They also taught a vareity of cooking classes (I think it started as a school and expanded into a restaurant). Does anyone know if they will do the cooking classes in the new location?