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Jul 28, 2007 05:51 AM

Trattoria Roma on Wells Street

Had a bizarre dinner there last night.


Waiter and hostess were fighting about whether or not he called her Suzy and she told him that under no circumstances was he to use that appellation.

Guys next to us were talking really loudly about business and using graphic physical demonstration of what they hoped to do with young women if they found any after dinner.

Then for the food:

Had to demand wine cooler for bottle of chilled white wine.

Waiter abandoned usual style of introducing himself or anything on menu. Instead he said "what do you want?"

This carried through to after the entrees (which were ok but not great) when he came and said "what else ?" To which I said "how about dessert?"

The hostess was preoccupied with chatting with someone and maybe checking her lip gloss and nails. Would we ever return? No way. This place borders on rude if not unschooled in basic manners such as concepts like please thank you hello etc.

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  1. Sadly, it actually used to be a pretty good place. Am I misunderstanding you when you say you had to demand a wine-cooler instead of a bottle of wine? That might have set you up for a fall.

    Personally, I find the "what do you want?" school of waitering far preferable to the "tonight we have a beautiful filet of (something) that was just pulled from the (somewhere you never heard of) and smuggled in by the chefs mistress - so be careful not to tell his wife - with a sauce of (unintelligible) that'll make your toes curl and your eyes roll up in the back of you head... and you better it order it now because it's going down faster than Paris Hilton in her lastest video" school of waitering. But that might just be me.

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      i agree it used to be a good place we order a bottle of white wine and then had to asked that it be cooled as opposed to just being left on the table plus waiter did not come to back refill wine glasses minor points but they all add up in seriatim

      1. re: bryan

        I think the OP meant that he demanded an ice-bucket (the elusive "wine-cooler") for his wine to keep it cold - not that he wanted some Bartles and Jaymes Melon Splash to go along with the linguini, or whatever was ordered.

        As far as waiters go, I have been plagued recently with very polite, well meaning waiters who have memorized the menu backwards and forwards, but really have no additional insight aside from "everything is wonderful here" which is not at all helpful and rarely correct. In fact, not really any better, if a little more civil, than "what do you want."

      2. The original comment has been removed