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Jul 28, 2007 12:37 AM

Fish, Shrimp and Crab Cakes in Wash. D.C.?

Lunch, dinner, plates, sandwiches, walk-up windows or sit-down meals. What places offer fish, shrimp or crab cakes, and are worth a drive in or around DC.?

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  1. If you want a non-MD style crabcake the Carlyle in Shirlington makes a good one they are a sit down restaurant. I haven't found any good MD style that come close to the ones you get in Annapolis or Baltimore. There is something about crossing that state line that seems to make a difference. If you want MD style and don't mind driving there, then just search this board for like best crab cake.

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      OK, it sounds like you know your cakes. What crab cake is worth a drive to Annapolis or Baltimore?

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        Really just search this board for best crab cake in Baltimore or Maryland, there are always recent ones with debates. I really like G&M. I think in Annapolis Galway Bay or McGarveys. I would link to a recent thread, but I can't figure out how to work my bf's Mac which I borrowed. There should be one within the month even.

    2. Go to Faidley's in Lexington Market (Baltimore), for all that you seek.

      1. In Baltimore, I second the votes for Faidley's and G&M. I think the crab cakes at both are comparable, but I prefer G&M b/c it is a sit down place (Faidley's is a counter in a large market. G&M isn't fancy by any means; I just prefer it b/c you actually have your own table and chairs.), and they have yummy fries (the gigantic steak variety) and applesauce.

        In DC, Oceanaire has fabulous crab cakes. I'm actually a huge fan of the place overall, even though it is a chain. The fish really is fresh, and as long as you stick to simpler/more traditional preparations, it's always phenomonal. And the hashbrowns and desserts....DROOL. It's a bit pricey though, best saved for special occasions or lunches that are on your boss' tab ;-)

        Also, there is Manhattan's in Georgetown. No one seems to know about this place, but the crab cakes are as good, if not better than, any others I've had in DC. And their tartar sauce is SO tasty that it really pushes the crab cake experience up to the number one slot in my book.

        Both places do a broiled, all-lump cake with minimal filler, which I believe is "Maryland style."

        For a wonderful, but unique, shrimp dish and crab cake, check out David Greggory. Their Moroccan Shrimp appetizer is wonderful, especially with the accompanying Harissa Remoulade. The crabcake was really delicious, although very non-traditional. It was flavored with green herbs and (I think) chives, which gave it a wonderfully fresh zing. I loved it!

        For something on the total opposite end of the spectrum, you should check out the seafood market at the SW waterfront. It's the best place to buy fresh seafood if you want to take it home and cook your own, and there are a number of stands that fry the stuff up for you right then and there. There are a few restaurants there too, but I haven't tried those.

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          David Greggory is closed to change things around for a while.

        2. Horace & Dickies has the best fish sandwich in DC. Carryout only. A guy could kill himself for $4.75 in there.

          1. I'll add the fried catfish at Colorado Kitchen into the mix. Available Friday lunch, and also maybe Sat/Sun brunch. Other days as well, perhaps? In a lifetime of eating fried catfish, it would be hard to find better.

            One word of caution: It's best to call before going here. They take a yearly summer sabbatical and sometimes close unexpectedly during normal hours the rest of the year as well.