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Jul 27, 2007 11:13 PM

Parisian Bistrots under 20 euros

Hi Chowhounders,

So Anna and Mike asked for good bistrots in every price range and I recommended, under 20euros, to buy a sandwich. I still think it is a good idea, but there are restaurants that are good and nice and in which you can eat for less than 20euros, usually a very homelike cuisine. They will often have the advantage of being very typical, very Parisian.

First I thought of Rodier, rue Montmartre, a huge food hall which is infinitely Parisian and traditional.

Then I went across the 3 May issue of Le Monde, which lists a number of good places under 20 euros, so here they are (under the responsibility of the food critic of Le Monde, Jean-Claude Ribaut):

Au Petit Bar, rue du Mont Thabor, 1er, 01 42 60 62 09

Baribal, 186 rue d Vaugirard, 15e, 01 47 34 15 32

L'Olivier, 18, rue des Wallons; 13e, 01 43 31 36 04

Le Marsangy, avenue Parmentier, 11e, 01 47 00 94 25

Lou Pescadou, 16 rue Mabillon, 6e, 01 43 54 56 08

L'Ami Georges (for its burger - this place I know, it is good and has nice wines but is globally pricier), 5, rue du quatre septembre, 2e,01 42 97 48 80

Le Colibri, 35, rue Verron, 18e, 01 46 06 07 90

Les Glaneurs, 93, rue du Bac, 7e, 01 42 22 42 65

Polidor, 51, rue Monsieur-le-prince, 6e, 01 43 26 95 34 (an institution; open every day, menu 12&20)

Du Temps au temps, 13, rue Paul-Bert, 11e

Le bistrot Bourdelle, 12, rue Antoine-Bourdelle, 7 or 15e

L'Assignat, 7, rue Gebegaud, 6e

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  1. Personally, I find 20€ sort of tight, but it can be done by watching carefully the menu and the prices of beverages.

    I still find the 'Parisian bistrots under 30€' by L'Express (2005) a valuable source, although prices may have gone up since then.

    1. Dear Souphie,
      I looked in Pages jaunes, and I couldn't find "Rodier" rue Montmartre. Could you give the exact address. I didn't know of a food hall there. Thanks.

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      1. re: henri cat

        this is not my day with names, obviously: CHARTIER is rue du faubourg montmarte, next to the metro "grands boulevards"

      2. Thanks for your diligent work :) I will add these to my list!

        1. Dodo: I have used the L'express 30 Euro article several times and have passed it along to friends. Very useful.
          My favorite is Dix Vins (even with its new owners)...well worth a trip to the Montparnasse neighborhood from anywhere.
          The original owners of Dix Vins have opened a new place, I think in the VIe, near Rue de Rennes. Also quite good.

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          1. re: famdoc

            Do you happen to know the name of that new place near Rue de Rennes?

            1. re: Dodo

              It is called "Le Midi-Vins" and is on the rue de Cherche Midi.
              Christelle is the owner, ex-owner of Dix Vins.
              Bon Appetit.

              1. re: famdoc

                Thanks, famdoc.

                Rue du Cherche-Midi what a joy... for food and shopping (shoes, etc.).