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Jul 27, 2007 11:10 PM

Higashi Hongwanji Obon Saturday/Sunday

The feverish beat of the taiko, kimono-clad folk dancers, kintoki and ujicha showcones on a hot summer night. A panoply (geshunteit!) of down home Nikkei snack foods. Could be the cheap date of the year. Right at the corner of 2nd and Central in J-Town (Little Tokyo) July 28-29. The West L.A. Temple also celebrates Obon this weekend. I'll be there dancing like a Sansei fool. Gaijin welcome. Gambling allowed.

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  1. Correction- 3rd & Central Noon-10pm Sat. Noon-9pm Sun. Don't know what you're talking about "Gambling allowed"???

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    1. West Los Angeles Buddhist Temple (Shinshu-Hongwanji) on corinth (next to the Sawtelle restaurants) is also having Obon festival this Saturday and Sunday. :)

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      1. re: lakeshow318

        Went to WLA today and they had doughball there.

      2. Gohantabeyoka: Clicking on the link you gave results in a 404 page not found error.

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        1. re: monkuboy

          Higashi's chicken plates were nice with an ice-cold beer.
          I bought the kid a fan festooned with red, blue and green LEDs and a festival T-shirt.
          Charming community event. My late mother is of Japanese ancestry.
          I understand the big Gardena festival is next weekend.
          Here's the link monkboy,

          1. re: Popovsky

            Yup, their teriyaki chicken was the best of any obon so far. The guy in charge told me they marinate it, charbroil it on mesquite and then fry it on a gas grill.

          1. re: miffy

            Next weekend Gardena Buddhist Temple Obon. Wide assortment of food there. Longest line there is always for dango's.

            Gardena Buddhist Temple
            1517 W. 166th Street,
            Gardena, CA 90247