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Jul 27, 2007 09:39 PM

Where can I find the best buttercream frosting

I'm looking for a cake that has a really really good buttercream frosting. My sister is super picky and it's her birthday.
Please do not refer me to Sweet Lady Jane because I HATE their service and refuse to go there to be treated like crap.
I had a good cake from a place with an Italian name in Burbank off of Olive or Victory, but i can't remember the name. It's not Porto's. I think it starts with an S.

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  1. I love Hansen's buttercream.

    My second choice is Plusko's.

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    1. re: Emme

      Hands down, Buttercake bakery on Pico, or Clementine. Hands down. YUM!!

    2. Leda's Bake Shop -- Sherman Oaks -- has fab cakes made to order.

      search for their website and you can select a cake, buttercream frosting and filling to order.

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        1. re: Diana

          I third Leda's. Brought some cupcakes up to SB last weekend. Leda's had their sign down so was a pain to find their little storefront. Just an fyi, if anyone's heading out there for the first time, look for Senor Fred next door to help find your way.

      1. I think you are talking about Martino's Bakery. Used to be on Verdugo Ave. Now on Victory between Olive and magnolia blvd, they have excellent cakes.

        1. Butter cake Bakery on Pico is the best I've ever had.
          Their chocolate cake is heavenly.
          I've always been in search of a good frosting - the pictures of cakes never lived up to the actually taste - and recently, I found out why I always hated market bought cakes. The "frosting" is powdered sugar and crisco.

          1. Bee's Knees Bakery in Pasadena makes moist cakes with buttercream frosting! I still have people reminiscing about my wedding cake from 7 years ago! The inside had alternating layers of hazelnut and chocolate ganache. And they did a beautiful job of decorating the cake AND the little table.