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Jul 27, 2007 09:27 PM

Venice; 4 nights

I am looking for a range of wonderful dining experiences whilst in Venice, from inexpensive to moderate to high. Suggestions would be great. Would like to avoid typical tourist places if possible in Venice, and ideally want atmospheric surroundings, or situations.

I have 3 x lunches and 3 x dinners to arrange....

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  1. Venice is truly a wonderful experience, with a lot of good eating (contrary to what you might hear) - you will get some responses - but I urge you to do a search of this Board and read past posts as well - below is a link to a compilation somebody did -
    also if you scare up a copy of Michele Scibilia's extremely reliable local guide to the Osterias of Venice (sometimes available in the UK readily available from book vendors in Venice) you can see pix and descriptions, with a map. Do wander around Cannaregio, the farther reaches of Dorsoduro, Santa Croce around the Rialto Market and Castello - many of the better less touristy places are in those areas rather than in San Marco and the other major tourist routes..

    1. La Frasca
      Vini di Gigio
      Fiaschetteria Toscana
      La Cantina
      Bar La Marca
      Cantina do Mori
      Gli Schiavoni
      Da Pinto

      1. Thank you Jen and Deangold, really appreciate your thoughts, great info, cannot wait.

        1. I'll give you one of my favorites that I may not have posted before. Anyway, speaking of the reaches of Dorsoduro, Avogoria is at Dorsoduro 1629 (of course, a worthless address). If walking from Accademia toward Campo Santa Margharita, after you go under the sottopassagio at the entrance of Campo San Barnaba take your first left and walk until you go over a bridge. Avogoria is a few hundred feet ahead on your left. The interior is very competent stark modern (be certain that you visit the toilet room) and the chef is from Puglia, so the cuisine tilts that way. I haven't been in a couple of years, but last time it was worth the long walk. Closed, I think, on Tuesdays.

          On a completely different note: Osteria Vini Padovani is at Calle dei Cernieri, 1280. Again, a rather useless address. However, this time before you go under the sottopassagio you must take a right up and down a few steps, a right and left down a tiny calle (you can almost touch opposite walls at the same time). It will be on your left a hundred or so feet away. Look for a bare light bulb over the door. Its a local hangout at lunch and the half dozen or so tables are covered with butcher paper. If you order pasta it is made by the lady across the calle. There is a display of what is served that day. Just point. All cooking is done by microwave. Its a trip! It closes around six. I haven't been here for a couple of years either, but will be next month.

          1. At the moment the best restaurant in Venice is the one Michelin star, Met. Alle Testiere, for me, continues as the second best.