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Grace Market - Korean Store in Cotati

kare_raisu Jul 27, 2007 08:59 PM

I went to check out this Korean Market today . It is a spotless nice little market with a little kitchen attacment . Has anyone had any experiences with the food here? Interested to check it out.

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    Stephanie Sugars RE: kare_raisu Jul 28, 2007 06:56 AM

    Kare, tell us more please. Japanese food? Other Asian food? Seafood? Meat? Produce? Also, did you check labels for additives like MSG and food colorings?

    How does it compare to Asiana near the Cotati 101N freeway entrance? BTW, where is Grace Market?


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    1. re: Stephanie Sugars
      kare_raisu RE: Stephanie Sugars Jul 28, 2007 03:25 PM

      I apoligize for the brief post - was low on time. Other asian food is carried - foremostly (other than Korean) Japanese goods. The little kitchenette kind of interested me - it seems like a little nook for local koreans to get some soups, noodles, kalbi etc.

      I would like to try them out with some fellow hounds, although a Korean BBq evening at Bear Korean restaurant seems more intriguing to me, as Homerandsatchi and I briefly talked about.

      Kim Bap - korean sushi - which I like actually better than Japanese maki is also made - as well as a few panchan.

      They do stock a nice amount of asian veggies and have a limited meat offering.

      They are located on Commerce just N of the Cotatis little downtown.

      1. re: kare_raisu
        Melanie Wong RE: kare_raisu Jul 31, 2007 01:04 AM

        That's progress then if Grace is now prepping food to order. It had a deli case with panchan to go when I stopped by a year ago. When I checked a few months ago, some signs were up but the staff weren't able to explain much to me but they were definitely friendlier than my first stop there.

        Grace appears to have more square footage than Asiana and has a larger quantity of packaged dry goods on the floor.

        It's in the same shopping center as Marvin's and the late Honey Biscuits.

        Grace Supermarket
        7981 Old Redwood Hwy, Cotati, CA 94931

        1. re: kare_raisu
          yogurtsoda RE: kare_raisu Jul 31, 2007 08:33 AM

          Bear Korean is pretty good. I've found the food is significantly better for dinner rather than lunch. Good bulgogi and great chap jae, and the spicy naeng myun is yummy too.

          As for Grace Market, I love that place (it was invaluable when I lived in the North Bay and Korean ingredients were hard to come by), though I've never tried their prepared dishes.

          1. re: yogurtsoda
            Melanie Wong RE: yogurtsoda Jul 31, 2007 09:27 AM

            Thanks for jumping in! I think Bear Korean holds up quite well in comparison to Korean restos in the city of San Francisco (though maybe that's not saying much) but not in the class as further south on Santa Clara's soon dubu row. I like the naeng myun there too especially during our summer heat spell. And, appreciate the tip on dinner vs. lunch.

            It's website still has a 10% off coupon. Note that my last visit a year ago, there was a mandatory service charge and a charge for tea.

            Bear Korean Barbeque
            8577 Gravenstein Hwy, Cotati, CA 94931

            Asiana Market
            7665 Old Redwood Hwy, Cotati, CA 94931

          2. re: kare_raisu
            homerandsatchi RE: kare_raisu Jul 31, 2007 11:12 AM

            Just name where and when! I've been hearing good things about Bear restaurant from the local Koreans. They seem to like it much better than the Korean place on 4th St in Santa Rosa. Although I do miss having the barbecue grill right at the table, which I am not sure Bear does...

            Grace market also owns their own farm in Sebastopol. So almost all their produce is locally grown. Not sure if they are organic though. I like that they have a small selection of Asian breads, although Asiana seems to use the same distributor. They are individually wrapped sweet rolls of various kinds. One of the things I miss most about living close to a city is the Asian breads!

            Even though Grace seems to have more depth of selection in terms of Korean products, I still like Asiana a little bit better. I think this is mostly because the owner there is so friendly.

            1. re: homerandsatchi
              Melanie Wong RE: homerandsatchi Jul 31, 2007 08:49 PM

              Thanks for sharing about Grace's produce, I'll pay more attention the next time I'm nearby. Yet, I'm with you on Asiana's owner being such a friendly guy and so helpful.

              1. re: homerandsatchi
                chocolateninja RE: homerandsatchi Jul 31, 2007 09:00 PM

                I would love to give Bear Korean a try and it sounds like a lot of others would too. How bout next Friday, the 10th, for a dinner chowdown? Sometime around, maybe, six p.m.? Anyone up for it? Good time, bad time, another time might be better? As Melanie so nicely reminded me (embarassed look) email me at dragongirl at gmail.com with yeahs or nays regarding the time/date/etc. (:

                Also, ditto to enjoying the friendliness of Asiana market...when I lived in Rohnert Park (a fifteen minute walk away from the place actually) I visited nearly every couple of weeks for my asian candy/mochi/chopstick collections/other yummy goodies fix.

                1. re: chocolateninja
                  Melanie Wong RE: chocolateninja Jul 31, 2007 09:05 PM

                  Good idea. In keeping with site policy, a reminder that folks should contact you off-line at dragongirl{at}gmail.com to discuss plans for an event.

          3. j
            jcambre RE: kare_raisu Aug 14, 2007 08:12 PM

            Grace is owned by a husband/wife team; they're currently installing some tables there with the aim of having a small diner on the premises. I find them to be very friendly and their selection of prepared foods is growing.

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