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Jul 27, 2007 08:08 PM

Anyone been to Diwan in Hicksville?

Just noticed that this new restaurant has opened not too far from my fave, Punjabi Tandoor. Has anyone been? There's a sign about the lunch buffet but driving by, it looks like it's a step or two up in elegance from the usual Hicksville Indian places.

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    1. re: budcar

      Diwan Restarant
      415 South Broadway (Patel Brothers Plaza)
      Hicksville, NY 11801
      516 – 513 - 1057

      Long Island Expwy(495) Exit 41 South or Northern Pkwy Exit 35 South

      Stay on Route 106/107 going south There will be a fork in the road stay to the left, which is Route 107(Broadway) going South

      Go Approx half (1/2) mile and Diwan is on the left hand side Located at Patel Bros Plaza Store #2

      1. re: kelvin8r

        Does anyone know if this is related to the Diwan that used to be in Port Washington?

    2. Found this review of Hicksville Diwan here -

      Review is very negative on the Dal Makhani and Goat Curry but the restaurant gets good grade overall.

      1. Had lunch there a couple of weeks ago. Surprisingly good for a buffet - and I really don't like buffets. I would recommend it.

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        1. re: valmar

          Thanks for the info - I will have to try it very soon!

        2. Late to the topic, I know, but just went there for lunch and had one of the better Indian food buffets I've had on LI.

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          1. re: Scott_R

            I'm with you on this one, I think for Hicksville it's one of the better ones. Liked the freshly made dosas (they had a small grill where they would make dosas to order) and the inclusion of a few indo-chinese dishes

          2. Went for the buffet lunch this past summer. How can any food, certainly Indian, be really good when it sits by the hour getting drier and drier by the minute? All things considered, We saw no reason to go back.

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            1. re: toby1355

              A silly response. Why did you go to *any* buffet of any kind in the first place, if you think buffets are fundamentally flawed? Aren't you setting yourself up for disappointment?

              Of course, you could always get there shortly after the place opens for lunch, obviating the [perceived] issue.

              1. re: Scott_R

                Let me clarify my post:

                The food was mundane,

                The spicing blah,

                The selection of dishes mill-of -the -mill

                In no shape, manner or form did any of the food stand out from any other Indian buffet I've tried on Long Island. And if that's what their buffet looked and tasted like I had no expectations that the regular menu held any promise. Be real, Indian food on L.I. , with the exception of perhaps Dosa Hut, caters to the lowest common denominator. As a result they are generally not very interesting or good.

                1. re: toby1355

                  I went to Diwan twice over the last six months or so for the buffet. The first time there was a special menu for an Indian holiday and it included seafood among the dishes for a dollar additional surcharge. i really enjoyed it and returned about a month later when the buffet had no special dishes. It was only okay but the heat level in the food was above most. I have come to the conclusion that heat masks flavor and i seek to avoid that happening. The only thing i objected to was the steam table hidden behind a screen in the back. Compare that to Kiran Palace where the food is presented in lovely dishes along the side wall. Diwan's presentation left much to desire. If you like heat, Apsara(the name may be misspelled) on Rte 107 , almost across from Sears) imho is preferable.