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Jul 27, 2007 07:55 PM

How is the breakfast at the Madonna Inn?

How is breakfast at the Madonna Inn? In particular, how are the pancakes?

Is there an amazing breakfast place between the Madonna Inn and Hearst Castle?

Thank You!!

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  1. Madonna Inn, in my opinion, is pretty medioce and pretty gaudy as well. It is touristy and I think you could do much better. For a traditional breakfast spot I would recommend:

    Louisa's Place

    For a Cajun breakfast that I was completely addicted to when I lived there:

    Bon Temps Creole Cafe: my favorite dish here was two eggs with cajun spiced hash browns and fried green tomatos with a huge biscuit on the side. It is making me hungry right now!

    Bon Temps Creole Cafe
    1000 Olive St, San Luis Obispo, CA 93405

    Louisa's Place
    964 Higuera St, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

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      Thank you; I will check those two out!

    2. I grew up going there with my family for breakfast on satrudays. I my humble opinion, it is their best meal of the day. If nothing else, their breakfast pastries are really good. To this day, my friends and I stop by at night and eat a breakfast pastry for desert after a good dinner elsewhere in SLO.

      1. Have had unsubstantiated news that Scottie's B&G in Pismo serves a "good" breakfast on Sat/Sun.

        Will investigate and report.

        1. I take all my out of town guests for breakfast at the Madonna Inn but more for the "kitsch" factor than the food. Although I think their breakfasts are actually fine. For a good simple breakfast we like the Breakfast Buzz on Santa Rosa St (Hwy 1). Also good for breakfast is the Del Monte Cafe on Santa Barbara Street. Big Sky Cafe on Broad in downtown SLO is another good choice if you want something with a little healthier twist.