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Jul 27, 2007 07:34 PM

Marco Cucina Romana?

I'm in the midst of very delayed thinking about Restaurant Week and came across Marco Cucina Romana in the North End. It's apparently Marc Orfaly's second place after Pigalle, and got a qualified rave in the Globe 2 yrs ago. I searched the chowhound board and saw nothing, good or bad. Anybody been there who cares to comment?

253 Hanover St., 2nd Flr., Boston, MA 02113

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  1. I haven't been since RW when they first opened (and we both enjoyed our meal), but other 'Hounds have:

    1. I had a pretty bad Restaurant Week dinner there last year (server clearly being broken in; most of the food not particularly special) which gave me the impression that they were just trying to get through the week, not attract new patrons. (Note that it generally gets very good reviews here the rest of the year.) Here's a link to that thread:

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        i eat there about once a month and find it very good and reasonable. I haven't been on RW so can't comment. The bolgenese is phenomenal.