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Jul 27, 2007 07:07 PM

Get a swipe at my dining itinerary for August

Hey all, essentially my first time in NY this fall. I am meeting up with my mom, staying in Midtown, and going to a few plays. I cook for a living, so I am looking for experience, fun, and seeing the essentials of the city.

We are going to:
Blue Hill
DB Cafe

I am also interested in Momofuko, pizza, and a great place for drinks.

Thanks in advance for any recs!

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  1. you might want to check out Degustation

    1. I would also try and add Eleven Madison Park.

      1. For pizza, I think Grimaldi's is the best and it's a great experience for a "first timer." Note that it is in Brooklyn.

        1. I would say that if you are willing to go to brooklyn for pizza, the best you could do in all the boroughs is di fara's, but if you don't want to leave manhattan then I would recommend John's on Bleecker.

          Not on the pizza side, but for what I think is an under publicized restaurant with genuinely distinct and good food/atmosphere is Telepan on the UWS not far from Lincoln Center. I usually like what Chef Telepan brings to the table and they have the since most original and delicious take on carrot cake I have ever seen, highly recommended

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            Great place for drinks would be Death & Co.. Awesome spot.. I am guessing you are going to Perilla because you watched Top Chef? Otherwise, it doesnt seem to mesh with the quality of other restaurants you are going to..

            1. re: Daniel76

              although it's not "fine dining" i have heard wonderful things about Perilla. I don't think that it's at all gimmick place just to go to if you watched Top Chef. It is reasonably price for the food that you are getting a really nice atmosphere.

              1. re: Daniel76

                i am interested in Perilla for that very reason, but also because i have read wonderful reviews of it on many different sites, including this one. Plus, it would be great to see what an up and coming chef from my generation is doing with his food.

              2. re: pneubecker

                I have to disagree with John's on Bleeker St. We were there last month and were not AT ALL impressed with it. It was mediocre at best. My favorite is Denino's on Staten Island, but that's a long way for pizza. I'd suggest researching a little more.

                1. re: geg5150

                  Denino's is a fine pie, but like you said the ferry might be a bit much

                  n.b. I love thier sausage pizza

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