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Where to Take Out-of-Town Mom & MIL to Meet?

- Great food
- Elegant atmosphere
- Reasonably quiet (so we can talk comfortably)
- Downtown to Westside

I had been thinking about trying Osteria Mozza, but I hear it's loud. I'm thinking AOC or Grace, both of which are old standbys for me. Or would Craft be good maybe? Any recommendations?

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  1. Can't miss with Campanile--grownup without being boring, nice talk-able noise level, and food never misses. You'll need a month to get into the new side of Mozza.

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      Just double checking-is this for dinner or lunch?

      I kind of like LA Farm on Olympic for lunch-It is quiet, food is good and it is pretty.

    2. How about JiRaffe or Michael's? Both in Santa Monica with reliably great food; Michael's has a beautiful patio and JiRaffe is very upscale chic (though it can get loud).

        1. Melisse, La Cachette or perhaps Josie.

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            You posted just as I was about to... love Grace and Campanile, but La Cachette is great for mommas!

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              We were at La Cachette last Wed night. Which has been very good in the past.
              Like I said, Melisse!!!!!!

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                  Don't you think Jar can be a bit loud?

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                    Sometimes, but it's so inviting, and the food is so great. They would feel very comfortable, I think.

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                      Typical dinner conversation at Jar.

                      Me: How's your FOOD! ?

                      Wife: Why are you calling me RUDE?

                      Me: NO. I SAID HOW IS YOUR FOOD?

                      Wife: I am so not being LEWD!

                      Me: Pantomiming -- "Let's talk on the drive home"

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                        that might be the best post on chowhound, i've ever read. my eyes are welling.

            2. What about the Belvedere at The Peninsular Hotel? Certainly elegant, quiet, resonably handy to westside (Bev Hills...)

              Peninsula -- Belvedere -- 310 551 2888

              For the record I love AOC, but it's not quiet.

              Sona, on La Cienega, just nth of the Bev Centre, is fairly quiet.

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                The main dining room at AOC is quite loud and frenetic, but I've always found the smaller dining room to be much quieter and calmer - and the patio upstairs is downright intimate.

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                  Sona is quiet because everybody has been struck dumb by the vast gap between the quality of the food and what they are paying for it.

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                    this post is getting funnier and funnier.

                2. I second the belvedere. Food there is great and Im sure your mom would love it.

                  1. I don't know if any of the Ritz-Carltons appeal to you or the tastes of your mom or MIL. My mom who likes places that are on the quieter side, occasionally goes with her neighbors to Jer-Ne at the Ritz in MdR. The dining area is elegant, the terrace might be nice on a summer night, the menu choices are great, and it's right off the north side of the harbor.

                    1. How about Hotel Bel Air? Elegant setting, great service, quiet and very good food.

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                        I love the idea of the BelAir or Jer-ne, just DO NOT GO TO THE FOUR SEASONS in BEVERLY HILLS. Please read my review of our meal last night. The food was not prepared correctly nor did it taste good. Do yourself a favor, choose another setting. I've only had tea at the Peninsula, but it was lovely. Melisse is also a nice choice, if you get a different waiter than we had. The food was perfect!

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                          Very good food? I don't think so? Been twice in the last few months, not good!!!

                        2. I love AOC and Grace, and Josie would be another great choice.

                          1. I just remembered Lucques - that would be mother-appropriate, wouldn't it? And not too loud?

                            1. easiest thing - polo lounge at bev'y hills hotel on the patio. no scene as such. good salmon and strong drinks easily accessible if necessary.

                              bel-air hotel also works plus walk around gardens delights out of town visitors.

                              1. Agree that Josie would be a great choice. Great food, elegant, and reasonably quiet. Grace would also be a good choice, but it looks like you want to branch out from your standbys.

                                1. Thanks for all who posted - we ended up going to Lucques, and it was lovely (though a little on the loud side by the time we left at 10). Both moms were extremely impressed!

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                                    You really can't go wrong with Lucques. Glad you all had a nice time.

                                  2. Lucques (booth)
                                    and Jar isn't noisy if you sit in corners...especially one behind the maitre d station....always a hit with Mom's...as a "mom aged person"....don't have to get a "poopy" as the hotel dining rooms...especially if Moms like food....

                                    1. Two thoughts--outside at the Polo Lounge, or on the patio at the Bel Air Hotel. Very classy, very LA, reasonably quiet without seeming dead...those would be my choices...as i write this i just saw that another commenter made the exact same two recommendations...needless to say i agree with him...