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Jul 27, 2007 05:37 PM

Cafe Vivace in Plainfield

I'm intrigued by this palce. Whenever we go to DQ on South Ave. in Plainfield (owners give a lot back to the community) we pass Cafe Vivace. During the summer there's always people sitting outside eating. Has anyone eaten there before I try for myself? Thanks.

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  1. Please be the brave one and report back :-) I've heard mixed reviews locally - so we haven't gone in yet, and we've lived in the neighboring town for several years now.

    BTW, have you been into Freshwaters next door yet? If not, you should definitly try that some time, great creole/cajun/southern food. One of our favs.

    1. Jnk, we have been there a couple of times over the year, the last time about a year ago. Looking at the Westfield restaurant scene I would compare them Aquavive Delle Fonti, maybe a small step below. Upscale, somewhat creative Italian, no pizza, no family style.
      When I was there the last time, they had a special deal during the week. For about $20 you got three courses plus a glass of house wine. Service was usually friendly, efficient and competent. Not sure if that is still around.
      The food quality was above average with good flavors but not always very refined and abover average display. IMHO, good value for the price level.
      At one point on the weekend they had live jazz. Not bad but a bit too main stream (elevator) type jazz for my liking. Ok, that may depend on the band.
      If things are still the way they were when I was there about a year ago, I would try it, in particular if you can take advantage of the outside seating.

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        Thanks so much for the info. Sounds great. My wife and I areon Vacation soon and the child will be away for a couple of weeks,so it sounds like the perfect time to try the place. Thanks again!

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          Thanks also. It sounds nice enough. My husband and probably will give it a shot - especially for the outside seating. Thanks!

        2. I have been to Cafe Vivace twice, and that has been twice too many, not only my opinion, but a friend had their office party there, and to the person, swore they would never return.........why ? terribly prepared and just bad cookin'

          1. Just came back from dinner, and the bottom line is that I would/will go back. My wife had the prix-fix dinner which consisted of an app (she chose the clam/corn chowder which was sour. I asked them if they used sour cream or buttermilk or creme fraiche and they said no. Hmmmm) followed by a thick pork chop(bone in), dessert (she chose a canolli) a glass of wine and coffee all for $20.00. Well worth it except for the soup. I had the Italian Paella which had shrimp,clams mussels, chicken and sausage over what the menu said was risotto but was in fact risotto rice, cooked as rice. It was very good. The ambiance was very nice, and the service was very good. Dinner for 2 including a drink for me(mojito) and everything in her prix fix including tax and 20% tip (i told you the service was good) was $55.

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            1. re: jnk

              Umm, sour soup? I hope she doesn't get ill. I would have sent that back. Clam chowder shouldn't taste sour, and I've gotten sick from clams in the past. Wouldn't have taken the chance on that.

              Calling things risotto which aren't is a pet peeve of mine. It means they don't know how to cook risotto properly - something an Italian restaurant should be well versed in doing.

              I'd heard mixed reviews about this from my neighbors so I don't know - isn't sounding like I'm going to run out and try it from what you're saying.

              1. re: sivyaleah

                Good news- We all slept through the night. No one got sick!

            2. I've been to Cafe Vivace many times, had our rehearsal dinner for our wedding there, and really love the place. Wonderful atmosphere, diverse clientele, great, friendly service and a comfortable bar with really good cocktails. Reasonable number of vegetarian selections too. And jazz on the weekends. Give it a try!