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Jul 27, 2007 03:56 PM

Tapas Or Dim Sum

Any ideas where to go in the Baltimore area for the above? Thanks-

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  1. I don't know much about dim sum, but I do enjoy my tapas! Pazo was good but not excellent the first time I tried it, but it now has a retooled menu and lots of people enjoy it. Tapas Teatro gets a bad rap, but I've found it to be consistently good (try the crab and spinach or the lamb chops...and the sangria can't be beat, especially if you ask them to go easy on the ice). And avoid La Tasca at all costs!

    1. I grew up on dim sum, so I can't honestly say I've found anyplace good in Baltimore. Chinatown Cafe in downtown comes close-ish, but doesn't have the full rolling-carts experience. Good Fortune in Wheaton, MD was okay; they had good shrimp and beef-filled noodles, but their supposedly famous shark-fin dumplings are nowhere near New York's Chinatown dim sum. Do not go to Ding How in Fells Point, even though they claim to have it. You may be better off trying DC's chinatown?

      As for tapas - this is something we do have! Pazo used to be great, but their new focus on full entrees has knocked off all the good tapas. Try Three though, near Canton/Patterson Park:
      Thread here:
      More info/pictures here:

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        Agreed with no good dimsum in Baltimore. Chinatown Cafe was awful the one time I went there... the dimsum wasn't even hot, or even above lukewarm!

        Last weekend I went to a place near Rockville, I think... Silver Fountain? It was pretty good.

      2. Oriental East @ 1312 East-West Highway in "decent-drive-get-up-early-and-plan" (NOVA, i think) and the area surrounding I've had good dim sum.
        Balto lacks Dim Sum places, good or otherwise. I've eaten @ Chinatown cafe and it's ok, but not inspiring. The same can be said for the now de-funct place that was in Brooklyn Park (can't think of the name). I spent last weekend in Montreal, and I had dim sum on sunday, was delish. Basically, i hold out until I'm in a city that has a decent chinatown with dim sum. That being said, I can attest to NY, Boston, Vancouver, London get my drift. I've not had much luck in DC either. VA is a good hot bed, but as i said, you have to be prepared to not only make the trek there, but wait in a line once you get there. Inevitably, the scene is a zoo but it's fun and worth the drive. Unfortunately, it's not exactly convenient on a weekly basis...

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          Aussie, how long is the drive to Oriental East, with traffic? Do you try to make it there by 11, or a lot earlier because of the lines? Thanks!!

          1. re: pattiat600block

            It's been a while since I've done the drive and the last time, we broke down en route which def added to the time. We try and leave here by 10 for a 12 sit down. I don't know what time you have to get there to avoid the line, perhaps later in the day but then of course, you run the risk of there being nothing left :)

            1. re: aussiewonder

              That's great! I was expecting much more than 2 hours. And you're right - I'll take lines any day if it means I can have full pick. Thanks Aussie!

        2. Jesse Wong's Hong Kong in Columbia has decent dim sum on Sundays. Closer than going into Silver Spring or Rockville if you are coming from Baltimore.