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Jul 27, 2007 03:56 PM

Best Value BBQ grills

what do you think are the best bang-for-your-buck BBQ grills - I think the grill with brand names like Weber and Viking are priced at a premium for thier names..

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  1. Not for Charcoal - you can not beat a Weber Kettle for $130 - lasts for years -

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    1. re: weinstein5

      Or the silver model that goes for about $85 - and lasts for years, also.

    2. Gotta put in my vote for the Portable Kitchen ( My dad has one that he's had for at least 40 years. Not cheap initially (I think has it for like $269) but they last FOREVER. They were made for a long time, then went out of business, then someone bought the company and started making them again.

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      1. re: revsharkie

        That's a very nice design. The flip up grill is very smart. Given it's cast aluminum it would last a very long time.

        On the other hand, a Weber Kettle can be had for a third of the price and last almost as long time...if you cover it. My Mom has a 30 y.o. Weber and never covered it. The legs are wobbly but the kettle itself is fine.

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          Another vote here. I got mine this Spring and really like it. The 4 vents give you fantastic control over heat and smoke. You can set it so the smoke goes straight across the meat. Critical, in my view. It is absolutely built like a tank.

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            My Dad got a Portable Kitchen when he came back from 'Nam and it lasted for a couple of decades. Finally, the innard rusted out and he put it out back and forgot about it. My Mom chucked it when he passed away, before I found out that PK's were back in. D'oh!

            I'd recommend a Weber charcoal grill. I usually but a new one every 15 years, whether I need to or not.

          2. How many are you planning on feeding regularly? How often will you use it? What's your budget? Gas or charcoal?

            1. I bought a cheapo gas grill and it fell apart within about 2 years.

              I bought a Weber Genesis Silver B and it's been running strong for the past seven years. The cheapo grill lived in CA in nice, gentle breezes and the Weber's been on the east coast for the past 4 years.

              It is pricier up front, but the Webers are nicely built and hold up for a long time. When I did my research, anything comparable was pricier. I haven't seen any comments saying that situation's changed.

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              1. re: tomishungry

                I think I am going for a weber - it is not as pricey as I thought and they are one of the originals!

                1. re: nolitasurfer

                  Can't go wrong with a Weber..esp for the price. There's probably a lot going on sale about now given summer is winding down. I've seen the one w/ the easy ash can for around $100 on sale. How to dump the ashes is the only real problem I have w/ Webers..although that's any grill really.

              2. America's Test Kitchen has a grill review on their site.

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