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Jul 27, 2007 03:44 PM

Thanksgiving in NYC

My family, two teens and me and dad, will be making our first trip. We're looking for the best place to have thanksgiving - any recommendations?

Also - does anybody know of a place to see the parade w/o being in the cold?

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  1. A lot of places have great thanksgiving options. I have this personal fantasy of going to Blue Hill on Thanksgiving ... it seems to me that the local ingredients would make for a real hearty feast.

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        I just called - there not open on Thanksgiving. But it looks nice. Any other ideas.

      2. A couple of years ago my family came for Thanksgiving and we went to Metrazur at Grand Central Terminal. It was sort of pricey and the food was ok, but not great. However, the atmosphere--looking over a bustling Grand Central during the holidays with the laser show and the music and the pretty holiday decor was just wonderful. Very nice.
        You can try watching the parade from the Marriot Marquis, one of their restaurants has a brunch that overlooks the parade, but you probably have to book well in advance. If you are going to watch the parade on the street get there around 6 or 6:30am as it gets crowded fast.
        Good luck!

        1. You could always try to rent a hotel room along the parade route that's high enough to look directly at or down at the balloons. Get ready for sticker shock, though, that is if you can even GET a room at this date. As for dining out on Thanksgiving, I used to think that that was sacriligious, but then I did it two years in a row, and while I still prefer to cook and eat at home, going out can be enjoyable. The first time out for me was at Windows at WTC-forget about the food,... what needs to be said??? The next year, at the last minute, went to a neighborhood place, Cafe Loup on 13th just off 6th, and had a wonderful time: the turkey with all the trim'ins was great, but what made it special was the convivial atmosphere and seemingly friendliness of everyone in the place. Don't have a lot of experience with going out on that date so can't rec anyplace else, but, IMO, this is the one day I'd go for ambiance over food. Happy Turkey Day!

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            my parents and bro and sis came last year for thanksgiving and we had dinner at capsuto freres -- it was excellent. they gave us the table for several hours which was really nice and didn't rush us at all. The turkey was probably the best I'd ever had -- with stuffing, sweet potatoes and the works. but they also had all of the other things that are normally on the menu. it was a pre-fixe i think about $45/person -- very very reasonable for nyc. i did a ton of research and i think it was the best deal for the highest quality of food. also the atmosphere is really nice -- the place is family owned and we had a round table for five people and it was very relaxing.

            in terms of watching the parade -- i believe you can pay to have brunch at one of the hotels along the route and watch from inside, but it is really expensive -- i didn't really think it was worth it.

          2. My family and I have had Thanksgiving at Tocqueville last year and it was really nice. They offered a traditional dinner as well as several other options.

            I seem to recall that Blue Hill doesn't do Thanksgiving, but you'd have to double check that.

            1. I've gone to Rolf's the past few years and enjoyed it every time. Good atmosphere, tasty and large servings of all the traditional options, and the place is decorated to within an inch of it's life in Xmas stuff. 3rd Ave. @ 21st St.

              Someone's pics of Rolf's:

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                ok, you'll probably all laugh at this, but quality for your money, the best unknown turkey-day baragain in NY is...Virgil's, yes the bbq place. We ended up trying it out last year after seeing how good the menu looked, and it was tons of food, really good, tasty dishes, lots of side dishes/veggies included, i thnk even 2 kinds of potatoes, and desert/coffee/tea i think. and it was only around $25/person. it's great for families large & we all had so much left over we got a 2nd meal out of it.

                my family did capsutoa few years ago and while food was pretty good, portions were tiny and it wasn't THAT amazing for the prices...