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Help! I have to "meet the parents" and bring dessert!

Ok, so I have to "meet the parents" tomorrow at his Mom's B-day BBQ and I have to bring dessert. I want to bring something fruity, but that will, for lack of a better term, knock their socks off. So if anyone has any recipes that fit the description they would b greatly appreciated!! And if you know a great dessert wine to go with it...that would be awesome! Thanks!!!

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  1. People always go for my dessert crepes filled with freshly whipped cream and smothered in good hot fudge, garnished with strawberries and bananas. Chopped lightly salted toasted almonds are good, too. It's easy if you make the crepes ahead, and then let everyone assemble their own.

    I often make hot fudge, but we have a local ice cream place that makes a killer sauce, so it's really pretty easy.

    Good luck!

    1. Fruit trifles are wonderful, basically fool proof, and can be made to look quite impressive.

      1. Paula Deen's White Orange Brownies are sooooooo good! I am not a huge Paula fan but this recipe is really good. Not the fruit recipe you asked for, but I still thought I would share. I would keep it as simple as possible so you can enjoy yourself and relax.

        1. Just make it ahead so you do not need to deal with it during the meal- or worry about it! How about a wonderful bowl of all kinds of delicious fresh fruit with a little mint torn in and some small killer brownies on the side? If it is HOT and muggy where you are, the fresh fruit will be really welcome. You could also offer a little sorbet to go with it on top.....

          1. How about strawberry shortcakes or angel food cake topped with real whipped cream and summer berries, like blueberries and raspberrys. Both of these are summery and light and involve fruit.

            1. Even though it is not said, I know how much my future in laws love when I participate in the cooking. It is IMO, very important to feed them well. Feels great too! I have been extremely successful with these two desserts in the past.

              What does the rest of your meal look like? You should bring something that makes the meal flow, and that enhances whatever "dad" cooked in particular ;-) Hope one of these is a match, because they are wonderful...Good luck!



              Pumpkin Ginger Cheesecake:


              If a grill is involved, a more summery choice could be grilled peaches with a brown sugar, butter and rum glaze...

                1. I nominate the Pavlova, an Austrailian meringue topped with whipped cream and fruit. Here is the basic recipe serving 10 to 12. It reduces or increases arithmetically.

                  8 room temperature egg whites
                  pinches of salt and cream of tartar
                  2 1/2 C superfine sugar
                  4 Tb cornstarch
                  2 Tsp either white wine or white balsamic vinegar
                  I Tsp vanilla

                  You need a good mixer for this. Start slow, using the whisk attachment until egg whites froth. Add salt and cream of tartar. Gradually increase speed and beat until stiff peaks form. Reduce speed to moderate and gradually add sugar. When it is all in give it a full speed burst to mix. Reduce speed to moderate again, add cornstarch, then vinegar and vanilla.

                  Have oven preheated to 350. Draw an 8" circle on a parchment lined cookie sheet. Dump the egg white mixture on the parchment, smooth into an 8" circle, a little raised around th edges. Put it in the oven, drop heat to 300, and bake for 90 minutes. Turn heat off, prop door open, and let cool for another 30 minutes. Whip 1 pint of cream until soft peaks form. You may add cinnamonn, vanilla, or liqueur, but don't add sugar as th emeringue is already sweet. Prep what ever fruit you are using, berries, roasted cherries, or peaches and raspberries. Transport it all seperately and assemble right before serving. Cream goes under the fruit. I'd recommend Bonny Doon to serve with it. Have fun.

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                    The SF Chronicle published some great summer dessert recipes recently.
                    My two faves:
                    Vanilla-Scented Blueberry & Nectarine Crisp
                    Peach & Mascarpone Tart with Oatmeal Cookie Crust

                    Really, you can never go wrong with a homey fruit crisp. Here is the link to the super easy recipes.

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                      Pavlova always impresses, and is so easy to make. Delicious, and not too heavy. Good luck!

                    2. Fruit crisp. I have a terrific recipe that's ridiculously easy and never fails to make people swoon, but it's not too frou-frou for a BBQ. Serve it with some good vanilla ice cream (I usually use Double Rainbow that I buy at Trader Joe's).


                      I think the recipe calls for square pan, but last time I made it I wanted a little nicer presentation, so I used a 2 quart souffle dish and it came out fine (better, in fact, because there weren't any "middle" pieces). This recipe can also be multiplied without any problems -- for larger gatherings I've multiplied it 1.5 for a 9X13.

                      If you use peaches, I suggest using brown sugar for the sugar that goes into the fruit -- you'll think you died and went to heaven!

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                        I'd vote for the fruit crisp or Paula Deen's brownies...maybe with a pint or two of fabulous vanilla ice cream or cream gelato....

                      2. no experience but this looks interesting. and the peaches have been lovely here.

                        1. Not sure if figs are in season yet (and ripe ones are pretty crucial), but this tastes divine. Don't doubt the crust & it's savory leanings, it is delish!! And best of all - very easy to make. Just bake the crust, the rest is assembly.


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                            Whatever you decide to make (and many of these suggestions sound fabulous), ice wine is a wonderful dessert wine. Some good stuff is coming out of Canada. And of course, there's always bubbly -- Champagne, champagne, quality sparkling wine or whatever.

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                              Another great choice would be a Zinfindal port. This would go beautifully with one of those fruit crisps if you decide on one of them.

                          2. p.s. lemoncella might enhance the lemony flavor in that fig tart, but that can be an acquired taste...

                            1. Thanks so much to all of you!! I think i am going to go with a trifle with berries and grilled peaches, angel food cake, and fresh whipped cream. And I might try the ice wine that was mentioned. You all are awesome!!

                              1. I'd go with the fruit trifle. Easy and beautiful...Key is to go find a trifle dish to bring it in. (Doesen't need to be expensive) Everything will be complete and you can enjoy yourself and not have to worry about anything. Your IL's only have to provide plates or bowls and spoons.