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Jul 27, 2007 03:28 PM

Help! I have to "meet the parents" and bring dessert!

Ok, so I have to "meet the parents" tomorrow at his Mom's B-day BBQ and I have to bring dessert. I want to bring something fruity, but that will, for lack of a better term, knock their socks off. So if anyone has any recipes that fit the description they would b greatly appreciated!! And if you know a great dessert wine to go with it...that would be awesome! Thanks!!!

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  1. People always go for my dessert crepes filled with freshly whipped cream and smothered in good hot fudge, garnished with strawberries and bananas. Chopped lightly salted toasted almonds are good, too. It's easy if you make the crepes ahead, and then let everyone assemble their own.

    I often make hot fudge, but we have a local ice cream place that makes a killer sauce, so it's really pretty easy.

    Good luck!

    1. Fruit trifles are wonderful, basically fool proof, and can be made to look quite impressive.

      1. Paula Deen's White Orange Brownies are sooooooo good! I am not a huge Paula fan but this recipe is really good. Not the fruit recipe you asked for, but I still thought I would share. I would keep it as simple as possible so you can enjoy yourself and relax.

        1. Just make it ahead so you do not need to deal with it during the meal- or worry about it! How about a wonderful bowl of all kinds of delicious fresh fruit with a little mint torn in and some small killer brownies on the side? If it is HOT and muggy where you are, the fresh fruit will be really welcome. You could also offer a little sorbet to go with it on top.....

          1. How about strawberry shortcakes or angel food cake topped with real whipped cream and summer berries, like blueberries and raspberrys. Both of these are summery and light and involve fruit.