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Jul 27, 2007 03:10 PM

LoS Vegas Recs please

Well I think I've talked my husband into trying Lotus of Siam. He's NOT an adventurous eater (his thai meal of choice is pad thai with peanut sauce) so I'm kinda on my own.

Can anyone recommend true "don't miss" options that are not scary. LOL I typically like a little spice (maybe 2.5/5), he likes none. And we're not really sausage eaters so that northern sausage everyone raves about is not an option either.

Going to try for Monday evening, assumint our flight arrives on time.


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  1. Just a word of advice on the spice, I love spicy food, our first time there we ordered both dishes level 5 (out of 10) and they were too hot. The second time, we ordered level 3, still a nice punch but not overly so. So be careful.

    I'll leave the specific dish recommendations to those much more in the know than I am, and also suggest you do a search because there are lots of threads.

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      Thank you, I think it was one of your threads or posts that made me think about heat levels!

    2. The crunchy rice with sausage that everybody raves about is a can't-miss, even if you're not really sausage eaters. The crunchy rice dominates the dish, you might not even notice the sausage if you didn't know it was in there.

      See this thread for other suggestions:

      Also, call and make yourself a reservation, it can get a long wait even on weeknights.

      Lotus of Siam
      953 E Sahara Ave Ste A5, Las Vegas, NV 89104

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        ate there last night as usual it was stellar (although warm inside). We had the crispy rice, we always do, it was fab. We had the lamb skewer special, very good and very pretty presentation. We had the special sea bass, which was also great. And we had the northern curry (sans pork blood chunks) which I liked but not as well as the yellow curry with ground beef from the regular menu. If your husband is a bit nervous, this is a dish that will convert him...just sheer yumminess.

        1. re: lvnvflyer

          Could you tell us a little more about the lamb skewer? Was it grilled? How was it seasoned? When I was last at LOS, Bill said he and Saipin were experimenting with different proteins, and this seems to be one of the first to be launched.

          1. re: Dave Feldman

            Yes, I was surprised to see lamb as a special; the waiter recommended it, and we thought what the heck (however, if one if price sensitive, ask the $$ since the specials are more...and be particularly careful of the lobster!). The lamb was actually four skewers of lamb, set up in a pyramid so that each was touching each other; the lamb was grilled and was alternated with a orange soft vegetable that I believe was squash. It was mildly spiced with ( I believe) some lemongrass and ginger. Below the lamb (inside the pyramid, as it were) were some absolutely delectable (and spicy, which the lamb was not) green beans and some noodles. In some ways, the green beans and noodles were more delicious than the lamb, but it was all good and was a nice contrast of tastes and textures.

            1. re: lvnvflyer

              Thanks so much for the follow-up. There can be shock not only by the price of the lobster, but by its size. At this point, the waiters know to mention how gigantic it is (size and price).

      2. I have been to LoS a couple of times and I am not a real big fan of the place. The pad thai - which is my wife's usual Thai dish - is not really all that great. I have done a lot better in Chicago and Las Vegas.

        If you are heading there during the dinner hours (6-8 pm), you might want to make reservations as the crowds can be very large, even during the week.

        1. Just a brief check-in on our Lotus of Siam experience. Our flight arrived about an hour late on Monday, we drove out to Summerlin and then came back in for a dinner at Lotus. Probably not our smartest move, though traffic was ok. The wait at Lotus was very long...we should've called, I know, but we were really unsure about our timing.

          Anyway, to be honest, we were underwhelmed. Maybe my expectations from reading this site were just unrealistic. Maybe our service was just so awful, no explanation of any specials, not giving us the Northern menu, incredibly slow in getting food to the table...and maybe our palates just aren't that sophisticated.

          We started with that crispy northern rice with sausage and it was a winner. We asked for just a little spice and it was plenty hot for us. We really enjoyed it. We followed with northern larb, as highly recommended by the gentleman at the table next to us. I thought it was good, my husband didn't love it. I think it would be great wrapped in some lettuce or something, if it's supposed to be, we didn't see anything wrap-worthy. My husband ordered the shrimp pad thai and he thought it was good, different than what we get at home but tasty. I thought the shrimps were fresh and tasty. I had the crispy duck curry, again on the next table's recommendation, and it was very good. My husband even liked it some.

          Dessert, the sticky rice with coconut and mango, was excellent. I'd go back just for that. And I would try it again, just maybe our timing put a damper on things too much.

          Anyway, that's the report. I enjoyed talking to the opthamologist who was sitting at the next table and hope he'll come onto this board, he was quite a foodie!!!