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Jul 27, 2007 02:58 PM

French food in northern Detroit suburbs?

Hoping to have some real ratatouille before we see the movie. :) Preferably closer to Rochester area, but we are OK with driving.

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  1. the only french-ee (mix of italian and french) restaurant around the rochester area that i know of is europa bistro (nw corner of main and university). never been at that location but i went a couple of times when they were at their original location on auburn and crooks.

    i thought food was decent and prices were reasonable.

    1. Maybe this counts...Bastone in Royal Oak on Main St. It is technically a "Belgian" restaurant, but having just returned from vacation in Belgium, I'm not so sure of the authenticity. But who knows where their influence is derived from? Anyway, since Belgian food is often associated with French influence, I thought this might help.

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        And here is Bastone's website:

        It's not on their regular menu too but you could always call. We love microbrew so I am rather fond of this place. Let us know if you find any ratatouille. Or you could always make it yourself--- It's not too hard!

      2. Well, here is the regular menu at Europa Bistro: no ratatouille, but who knows, since it's summer now maybe they'll have it as a special. You could always call... I went there a couple months ago and it was a lovely setting out on the terrace but the food wasn't terribly complex French, although I'm sure I'll return since I haven't found a better replacement yet.


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          my wife and i went to europa this past spring and it was good. not fantastic, but good. service was very good. we will try it again sometime.

          bastone has become one of our favorite places. four very good meals in a row. and the beer is very good.

        2. Bistro Bourdeau at Auburn and Squirrel is a gem which is often overlooked. It's a circular building with a wonderful bar. We have always enjoyed the food and the service is friendly and helpful. It's more "euro-food" than French - but you won't have a long drive to get to the movies!