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Jul 27, 2007 02:50 PM

Osteria Mozza - Perceptor's Photo Report

with Mozza Pizzeria in full gear for 7+months already, the fancier next door sister Osteria finally opened 2 weeks ago. the moment we walked in there, our first impression was this is not a look of a LA restaurant.. it definitely has a NY feel to it... the ceiling is high, the floor is dark wood and the counter is white marble/granite... i really dig the atmosphere...

Highlights of the meal:
grilled octopus with potato, celery and lemon
burrata with bacon, marinated escarole, caramelized shallots
agnolotti, burro e salvia (sage and butter)
orecchiette with sausage and swiss chard
beef brasato with polenta and freshly grated horseradish
grilled lamb scottadita with insalata di fregola sarda and yogurt

The food was fantastic and i was really impressed with the quality of service from a restaurant that's only 2 weeks old.

Next time I would wanna have dinner at the counter... front row seats to the action..

Enjoy my photo coverage -

- Perceptor

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  1. fantastic report and pix. i can't wait to go in a few weeks....the brasato looks oh so good.

    1. i'm going there on Tuesday night so I thank you for the prep course! your pictures are beautiful by the way!

      1. Great photos as always! How was the noise level? I'm looking for a place to introduce my mother and mother-in-law-to-be, and I was thinking this might be a good one if it's not too loud...

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          it is a loud place... is definitely lively...

        2. wow..great pic!
          that is lots of many of you and what was the cost of the meal?

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          1. re: rickym13

            Rickym13.. it was a party of 5 and total per person with 20% tip was $90

            1. re: Perceptor

              wow..not bad! that's including the bottle of wine? wonder what's their corkage policy is?
              was trying to get into babbo next week while i'm in ny but no luck...we'll be going to mozza as soon as it settles down a little.

              1. re: rickym13

                yeah that includes the $75 bottle of wine..
                not sure of corkage...

                1. re: rickym13

                  IIRC, corkage is either $20 or $25 with a maximum of 2 bottles.

                  1. re: rickym13

                    Honestly, it's not going to settle down. It's going to get busier. You're best bet is going as soon as possible as a walk-in. Trust me. Go right when they open or walk in at like 9:30-10 on a Monday or Tuesday.

                  2. re: Perceptor

                    and how big a part of that total was wine? was it just that one bottle of wine? that doesn't seem as expensive as i thought it was going to be, considering the amount of food you got...

                    1. re: themook

                      along with the $75 bottle of red... there was also 2 glasses of moscato and 1 glass of rum for dessert

                2. nice! i needed to look through the pictures a few times. good stuff.

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                  1. re: phant0omx

                    sorry to be redundant, my page hadn't reloaded yet. thanks!