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Cafe Momo, Manchester NH I loved it.

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I had heard of the place, never knew exactly where it was and stumbled across it today. What a delight! It is very small… 7 tables with bench seating on one side, 1 table for 2 and 3 or 4 more tables in an adjoining room. It is painted in several different bright colors and has a happy feel. The menu was intriguing it appears to be a blend of Asian and Indian style. We started with the Momo chicken appetizer, 8 steamed dumplings with a small bowl of a spicy dipping sauce. Wonderful.I will ask for some extra sauce next visit thou. Next up was the hot herbed flat bread, sliced into strips and also good. Entrée selections were Tass Lamb and Brown Guy Special. The lamb was spicy (as requested) mixed with vegetables. The Brown guy was shrimp and scallops mixed with vegetables. Both beautiful in presentation and very tasty! Desert was Sikarni. A really thick spiced yogurt with fresh sliced strawberry. Very light and refreshing. The table next to us ordered a dish called Choila. (Jerked chicken with cilantro, red onion and chilies) Wow did that look good and they said it was fantastic. They commented that it tasted very much like a Thai salad. I must say I was quite jealous and can’t wait to go back and try it myself.
Apps $5.00 to $11.00. Soups $5.00 Entrees $13.00 to $16.00. Deserts $5.00. They do have 6 lunch items under $10.00. Wine, beer and 2 cocktails. Momo mojito and Cucumber cooler both $5.50
Service was good but a word of warning …When you entrée is ready they come for your app. plates.and they really want to take them:) Oh yes the other thing is the water. They serve water from a pitcher half filled with fresh (I think mint?) You’re either going to love it or hate it!

Café Momo
1065 Hanover Street
Manchester, NH
603 623 3733

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  1. Nice!!!! Thanks, I'll have to check it out. Love the sound of it. I have an employee that just quit so I'll be in Manch more often then I want to for a while. :-(

    A new place to eat will make picking up 38 hours more enjoyable.

    1. I've heard nothing but raves about this place. Mrs. Manch Vegas has been begging me to take her there. I love ethnic food but am just a little scared of ethic food I've never tried, something I know i need to get over. But between the good reviews here the Hippo and word of mouth it might be time to check it out.

      1. Here's the website: http://cafemomonh.com/index.html

        The Momo Mojito is good too!

        1. Momo is one of my all time favorites- I especially love the huge selection of vegetarian items (one of which is a selction of fresh veggies, grilled, served in a ground letnil crepe, topped with a minty-cilantro-y sauce and apple slices...) and the Momo Mojito (made with rice wine instead of rum) is to die for. Go, by all means... but be prepared to wait- speed is not their specialty.

          1. I read a couple of replies about the lack of meat with their dinner. I have to respond. Most countries around the world and all of the cultures keep the meat portion small. The meat is the side dish, not the main meal. Most Americans think that it is normal to have huge portions of meat, but that is not the norm, nor is it a healthy habit to keep. I have tried Cafe' MoMo before and I liked it for both the veg choices and they also did a good job at keeping the spices mild. Not a lot of places listen to that simple request.

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              It is rediculous how much food in general is served in America for a meal. I wish restaurants would introduce a Tapas size mentality.

            2. We finally made it (by accident) to Cafe Momo on Thurs. nite. We were driving up Hanover st when we passed it and I said "hey, that's the place chowhound buddies love" . we actually wanted to try City Flame Smokehouse but they were closed so we decided to give it a try (we weren't dressed for a nice place). Wow, can't wait to go again - we were sooo impressed with the fresh flavors. Love the mojito too. We got lamb momo to start that was fanstic dumplings. We also split the chicken Choila - ssooooo fantastic and hot but a great hot. I can't describe the flavors, I wanted more. It was addicting. My entre was a special - Salmon on asparagus. Cooked perfectly with again - exotic flavors that are new to me but phenominal!!! Hubby got Katmandu Chicken: Chicken breast drenched in almond and cashew flour cooked in a vegetable stock with seasonal vegetables. Topped with yogurt and cream.

              Although we were stuffed (and took some home for lunch today) we had to try the Rice Pudding - great way to end the meal.

              Can't wait to go back, we really loved this place - everything: the food, service was excellent and loved the space. We met a nice couple (fellow foodies that also chowhound) that dine there often - had great conversation - they had come in too late for service but they offered them take out, then after realizing we were enjoying chatting it up - the restaurant changed their mind and served them. Great Customer Service!!!!