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Jul 27, 2007 02:06 PM

Bar Advice Needed!

Is there a bar in Manhattan that has a good selection of British ciders?

How about a really good tequila bar? Preferably a real bar and not a restaurant, but if the restaurant has a large bar, that will work as well.

Sake bar?

Your help is very very very very very appreciated!!!

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  1. Great tequila can be found at Barrio Chino

    1. There are lots of sake bars. You may want to check out Decibel on E9th. I think it's still there...

      Cider bars. Hm. You may have more luck if you go somewhere like Gingerman or d.b.a... they have a huge selection of beer, and they MIGHT have good cider. There aren't a great deal of British pubs in manhattan. You may have some luck at St. Andrew's on W44th.