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Jul 27, 2007 01:41 PM

Sacramento-- recs within 15 min of CSU?

I will be in Sacramento for a meeting on the CSU Sacramento campus in a few days, staying right near campus just off Highway 50.

Things will probably be running long, so suggestions that involve 15 minutes or less of driving (one way) would be appreciated. Open to all types of good food, looking for both lunch and dinner suggestions.

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  1. Maloof's on Fulton, delicious Lebanese food, try the kibbee.

    Kaveri on Fulton for Indian, it's got the buffet for lunch and dinners on the weekends.

    Cookie's Drive-In, on H st.

    Dos Coyotes on Folsom, great salsa bar.

    1. Opa Opa for wonderful Greek food! Welcome to Sacramento.

      OPA OPA
      5644 J St Ste A, Sacramento, CA 95819

      1. There is a wonderful Southwest/Mexican place on 56th and H called Napolitos. It's only open for breakfast and lunch during the week from opening (not sure of time) until 2:30 pm. My love there is the Tinga chicken tostada or anything Chili Verde. Also great on H are Sellands and Rolle. Both gormet take out places. I haven't been to either in a couple of years so please chime in anyone if they are closed. Sellands is/was owned by the same people who own "The Kitchen." Rolle is/was owned by a nice young french man who does his own fab smoked salmon among other delights... Giovanni's on Folsom for meatball pizza. The Three Sisters on Folsom for Mole or anything else.

        1. Roma Pizza on Folsom Blvd. Best pizza in town. Real NY style.

          1. Plenty of good food within a couple of minutes (other posters have touched on it), but in 15 minutes (assuming it's not rush hour) you can easily get Downtown or to the heart of the local Asian community on Stockton Blvd. That gives you WAY too many options to synopsize without more info.

            Again, if you want to stay close to campus, check out what everybody here is suggesting. If you want to go a little out of your way for a major chow experience, let us know what you want in terms of cuisine and price.

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              Thanks to all for the tips so far. This trip I'm organizing a workshop for 30 people, which will likely be keeping me too busy and tired to venture too far away, so the close-by options are great. I'll be back in September for a conference where I'll have much more leisure time, so I'll post for other tips prior to that trip.

              1. re: clarence6ybr

                These are practically within walking distance of the campus (north end):

                Opa Opa - Greek
                Sweatwater - American
                Cafe Rolle - French

                1. re: PeterL

                  Er...Sweetwater. Otherwise it would be one of the worse names for a restaurant.