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Jul 27, 2007 12:14 PM

Can I freeze buttercream frosting?

I made a huge batch of sugar cookies last night (super cute footballs and helmets for a coworker who's son is leaving for college to play football this week) and i made way too much of the chocolate. I know I'll be making footballs again in about six weeks (when NFL season begins) for the bf... can I freeze my leftovers? Right now I have a ziploc of the stuff camping in the fridge. TIA!

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  1. Yes, buttercream freezes well. You'll just have to rewhip it when it thaws.

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    1. Not sure; however, isn't it a custom to freeze your wedding cake (or a piece) and then eat it on your 1st year honeymoon? I did that with my wife and the cake was still delicious after a year and it had buttercream frosting in it. Based on that I would say go head and freeze the frosting.

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        The pastry chef who made our wedding cake said that he's experienced too many problems with frozen wedding cake after a year - improper wrapping, freezer thaw, power outage, and just plain stale.
        So he offered to make us a brand new top at our 1st ann'y - it was fresh and delicious!
        Just an FYI.

      2. how did you do the football cookies?

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          I have a football cookie cutter (and also a helmet cookie cutter) that i think i bought at sur la table for 99 cents. Then i did a basic chocolate frosting and i used white royal icing to pipe little lines at the top for the laces. as soon as my bf loads the pictures onto the computer i can post them if you'd like to see. and thanks for all the advice... my frosting is happily chilling out in the freezer until a later date.

        2. I never heard how your frozen buttercream frosting turned out, and I need to know. I have a very large cake to make and I'll need to make a lot of frosting.............also a lot of cakes to put together. I'll make the cakes, wrap them in the sealing plastic wrap, and freeze them. I've done that and I know that works. But how about the buttercream frosting????
          I'll need to make that ahead of time, also. Will I be able to pack it in plastic containers or plastic freezer bags and freeze it until I'm ready to use it.? It won't be any problem to beat it, again, before using it, as long as it won't break down, or go bad. Could SOMEONE let me know? I'll need to know very soon. I have to start making the frosting by April10th, 2009, I'll REALLY appreciate it if someone can help...........thank you so very much.

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            As a pastry chef, I freeze buttercream all the time (I assume you mean real, Italian or Swiss meringue buttercream). It will freeze well for months. I take it out of the freezer the night before I need it and let it sit at room temp overnight. The next day, just beat it until smooth. Perfect every time!

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              I'm so new at this, I don't know the difference between the buttercream frostings you mentioned. Would you tell me the difference and which one you would suggest for a beginner? I'd really appreciate it. I am so happy that I can freeze it!! One other question,,,,,,,how long would it stay good, if I put it in containers and stored it in the refrigerator? I'll be using it on April 18th (for the 19th). If it would stay good in the fridge until then, I could make it on........say........Wednesday or Thursday. I really appreciate all the help you're giving me, THANK YOU!!

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                I've just come across this thread while searching for tips for a friend. She cooks dairy-free so won't use butter or milk. As a pastry chef, perhaps you can tell us - if she made a "buttercream" frosting with shortening/margarine, powdered sugar and rice milk, is that freezable? I figured it might separate (after defrosting) but she has such a lot of it she asked if I could find out.
                Many thanks!

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                  the "quick" kind of buttercream uses butter, sugar and whipping cream. crisco gives a completely different mouthfeel and flavor and rice milk doesn't have near the fat content of cream. i'm sure there are vegan recipes kicking about for this though.

                  a quick google search shows your suggestion to be common. other than being sweet, i can't imagine it tastes good. not my cake though. as for freezing it, with the fat content being so different i don't know how stable it would be. does rice or soy milk freeze well? or do they break down like regular milk?

                  1. re: hotoynoodle

                    I wasn't asking about taste, just about life-span and deterioration. Nothing tastes like the real thing! :P and margarine/crisco work for baking but I can't (personally) imagine eating it as a frosting. I could only imagine it would be oily and likely a nasty texture/feel on the tongue!

                    As for whether or not it would hold up after being defrosted... well, no one seemed to be able to tell me if rice milk would freeze well or not. *sigh* It doesn't matter as far as my friend is concerned as it's long past the time I needed a response but I am still definitely curious, so if anyone has any further ideas on/in this area, I'd love to hear opinions and personal experiences in working with these replacement ingredients.

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                      Seriously, margarine and shortening don't even work for baking!

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                        You can always use Earth Balance Buttery Spread in lieu of butter and coconut milk instead of milk with any recipe calling for both. They work marvelously as a dairy free alternative and are quite tasty as well.

              2. Can you send me a picture of your helmets & footballs? Much appreciated,