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Jul 27, 2007 12:05 PM

HobNob - Brevard, NC

I have heard that HobNob is under new ownership. Has anybody eaten there recently? Has anything changed ~ for better or worse?

Also, there is a new restaurant in Brevard called The Quarry. Anybody know anything about it?


192 W Main St, Brevard, NC 28712

The Quarry
14 South Gaston Street, Brevard, NC 28712

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  1. I ate there for the first time last week. I didn't think it was very good. Nice waitress and good service though. If it wasn't for the food.

    1. haven't been to HobNob in a while but sorry MadAnne had a bad experience. Haven't heard of The Quarry but I had heard of a new place right next to Hobnob.

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        1. My experiences at Hobnob were so terrible and overpriced I will never, ever return. I was unfortunate enough to come across the Quarry's menu and it looked cliche and overpriced. Go to maple, which has nice food, not that overpriced, but terrible service. Jordan street is good for a burger.

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          1. re: charlottecooks

            Maple, after two trips is highly overrated and overpriced.The desserts are really good but the rest is marginal at best. Havent been to Hob Nob in a long time, so I cant comment on the new ownership.

            1. re: Spreadhead

              I agree, it is expensive, but to choose between two pricey places with poor service- choose maple. The food is better.

          2. Finally went to Hob Nob the nite of the Bush/Meyer/Douglas show at the Porter Center. Called for a reservation, told them we were attending the show and confirm that 1 1/2 hours would be plenty of time. Called back to add one to our party - now 5 - and was again assured that 1 1/2 hours was plenty of time.

            Arrived to find the restaurant packed. When the server took our drink order we requested separate checks - NO! HOB NOB WILL NOT DO SEPARATE CHECKS! Server said it's because their computer system is antiquated. Get real - this is a tourist town, the restuarant provided separate checks under the previous ownership and anybody with a brain, paper & pencil should be able to provide separate checks. Well, apparently we pissed off the server so much, she disappeared for 20 minutes before taking our order. Spoke tothe bartender and was assured that she would come back shortly and we would have plenty of time to make the concert. Order taken - salads arrive and are delicious - especially the goat cheese - exactly the same as previous owner and wonderful.

            Then we wait, wait and wait.....we don't see the server so ask about our dinners - reassurances from the bartender - everything is fine. The dinners - 4 out of 5 - show up and are very good. Too bad the 5th dinner never shows. As the 4 lucky diners finish their meal the fifth dinner shows up - we immediately send back to the kitchen to be wrapped to go.

            Lots of apologies, no charge for the dinner that showed up late and - big surprise - separate checks are provided. We dash to the Porter Center and make it to our seats as the lights go down. Concert was awesome! Hob Nob was not.

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            1. re: NANCY

              A packed restaurant and a busy server! What a surprise!
              I worked in an Italian Restaurant when I was in college (though I will say that was quite a many years ago), so I have some insight to this: separate checks on a busy night, not happening!

              I come to Hobnob every time I come down to visit my parents in Toxaway. I've found it to be pleasantly good, every time. Personally I prefer the Saltimbocca or the Tuna perhaps. Regardless, I look forward to it! Haven't been able to notic a difference in past and present Hobnob.
              Last time I tried Maple, it was too loud inside (should have sat outside!) but the food was surprisingly good!

              1. re: JamesInDenver

                No surprise that the server was busy. I had anticipated that they would be busy and made two calls - both times being reassured that time was not an issue. The surprise was in being ignored for 20 minutes. The even bigger surprise was for the member of our party that failed to receive anything to eat.

                Separate checks are de rigueur in the Asheville, Hendersonville & Brevard area due to the large tourist traffic. Hobnob, under previous ownership, always provided separate checks.

                The front of the house appears to have suffered under the new ownership. I agree that the kitchen still puts out excellent food, especially the lamb chops.

                Fortunately, Brevard is experiencing an influx of new restaurants so a diner has many choices.