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Food at Giants game

Hello -- I am going to the GIants game tonight, and wondered what the best non-sausage options at the ballpark are. (Sausages sometime set my stomach a-rumblin'.) Gracias!

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  1. The Cha-Cha bowl from the Orlando's stand behind the bleachers, and the carne asada tacos from the little stand next to the Cantina behind section 104. Also, the garlic fries from the stand across from the Cantina in the same area are better than the other garlic fries in the park and are on an uphill swing. Don't expect miracles, however.

    1. Fish & chips at Murph's and their Irish coffees are great on a cold, foggy night; if you're on the Club or Field Club level -- the beef brisket sandwich or roast turkey sandwich from the person who carves the meat (forget the name of the vendor), strawberry shortcake, Ghiradelli's hot fudge sundae. Enjoy the game!

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        Those hot fudge sundaes do indeed look pretty good...but it has been too cold for me to want to order one...! (I am not sure where you order them, but you don't need to be on the Club Level to get one: at Wednesday night's game the woman next to me had two she got somewhere near our section (102)...

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          The sundaes are under the bleachers in center field.

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          I second the fish and chips. I like the chips better then the garlic fries.

        3. Be advised not all "options" are available to all fans.

          I also recommend Orlandos, but the sandwich, not the bowl, costs ~$10.

          I can not recommend an Irish Coffee, the cups are plastic with a hollow stem, the sugar stays in the hollow stem, the coffee isn't very good, ~$8.

          The "carved deli sandwiches" look good, though lack quality control, I occasionally see them, but don't know where they are sold. Last one I saw, was roast beef au jus, the bread disintegrated from the jus, another one I saw, the slice of beef was ~1 inch thick, and was tough.

          They sell Compadres Burritos at the park.

          1. I take in my own food - usually Banh Mi from Saigon Sandwiches.

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              that's exactly what i did for wednesday's game!

            2. We visited for a giants game some time ago, so I don't know how accurate this still is. We were in the upper deck, left field side, and had the most amazing garlic fries. I'd never had anything like that before and the H and I both left with tremendous garlic breath! It was worth it. :)

              1. There are pretty good garlic-toasted crab sandwiches at one of the stands - I think it's called the Crab Shack? It's one of the pricier options but good.

                Garlic fries can be disspointing to delicious depending on the day.

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                  I think those crazy crab sandwiches is around $15. That's way too crazy.

                  Stick with the Cha Cha Bowl if you want something filling and healthy. But also in the "basement" level under the bleachers there's a barbeque stand that you can buy a pull pork sandwich that's not bad. I also like the basic individual pizza because they're always fresh, but it's more breadlike than thin crust.

                  Go Giants! ... in 2008 that is ;(

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                    That BBQ stand is surprisingly good.

                    And yes, the Cha-Cha Bowl is the best tasting, and healthiest thing there.

                    Also, you can bring in your own food. The Safeway that is two blocks away caters to the fans with a deli, pre-made selections, ballpark peanuts, snacks and drinks. You can bring in any food and non-alcoholic drinks in a plastic container. It's well worth it because the priced inside the stadium are very steep.

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                      Including the Saeway concession stands with insane prices for the exact same thing you would get at any regular Safeway! I don't know who is silly (euphamism) enough to keep those stands afloat!

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                        Actually, my post was referencing the Safeway store at the corner of 4th & King, one block south of the ballpark. I'd stay away from the concession stands if you want to save some money.

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                          I know you were referring to the actual store, that's what compelled me to remark how ridiculous it is to pay double the price at the Safeway concession stands inside.

                2. I like the bbq stand in back of/under the bleachers. They offer brisket or pulled pork -- both are good. The Cha Cha Bowl is also good -- make sure you put some hot sauce on it (habanero is best) -- it really brightens it up. The tri-tip Baby Bull sandwich is also pretty good, but it's more well-done than I like. The meatball sandwich sold by the North Beach stand on the Promenade is very good.

                  You can also get good sandwiches and other take-out at the Safeway across the street from the park -- NOT at the stand in the park where they charge lots more per sandwich. It's within easy walking distance.

                  Also, Amici's offers a 2 slice deal of plain cheese pizza or you can bring a whole pizza into the park -- just get your hand stamped for in and out privileges.

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                    Co-sign Amici's, have done that a couple times. Also, wine in plastic water bottles in your pants pocket (not searchable purse) saves tons of money. Also like the all-natural hot dog stand out front.

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                      Some of the ushers will take away the wine, if they realize that is what you are drinking. Bringing in alcohol is against the rules, and I have seen it enforced even when semi 'hidden'. Just to clarify: bringing in actual water in plastic water bottles *is* permitted; I do it all the time.

                      The hot dog stand is "lets be Frank" which I also like (they also often have a stand a Chrissy Field) Have to say, though, when I ordered a dog with onions there on Tuesday there was so little grilled onion that I started to tell the server person that she had forgotten the onions: until I realized there was no more than a teaspoon or so of onions, and that the reason I couldn't see them is that the dog completely covered them up!

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                        They can actually kick you out for bringing in the booze. I've seen it happen in my section. It almost happened to us last season. I think it's at the usher's discretion depending on how you react and how they're feeling.

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                          Well, to be safe, you can always bring in vodka in a water bottle. They'd have to try a sip to catch you.

                          1. re: Ozumo

                            If you can't live w/o alcohol for 3-4 hrs and need to sneak in booze hidden in used water/soda bottles and/or stuffed down your pant leg, you just might be an alki! I like a beer, wine, a Martini, or two w/ a meal as much as the next guy, but when visiting AT&T, Singapore or 'Rome', I tend to follow their rules. It's their house. Their rules.

                            As to the op's question, I too usually bring in a couple of Let's Be Frank's great dogs or a foil wrapped super burrito from the Mission or Downtown, along w/ a small plastic bottle of Coke from home or a nearby mini mart, where for some odd reason, they seem to cost three times more than at my local 7-11?! Go fig.

                            At Friday's game, the guy in line in front of me was carrying in a large pizza (didn't see from where) and seemed rather proud of doing so! He too was pre-game sloshed.

                            98% of the 'inside the park' food prices/quality are grim and an insult to fans. This is a major foodie city after all and I think a missed opportunity by the Giants' suits in their quest to squeeze every last dime from attending fans. I know, waa waa waa.

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                              Lots of people like some beer/wine/etc during a game, that's pretty normal behavior. If alcohol was sold at more reasonable prices at AT&T, there would be no need to sneak it in. Sneaking alcohol into a library or your cubicle would be alki behavior.

                    2. re: Nancy Berry

                      well, it is too late for this year, in many respects, but for those Giants fans looking ahead to 2008: I finally tried the bbq stand behind/under the bleachers during Wednesday night's awful game. Actually, had the bbq before the game started, so I can't blame the game for the disappointing taste the bbq left: between hubby and I we tried both the beef brisket and the rib platter.

                      Ribs in the platter were cold and had little flavor; the potato salad and cole slaw on the side were mostly mayonaise. It was a surprisingly big portion of food but really not very good; we did eat the ribs as a vehicle for the bbq sauce, which wasn't bad, but left all but a bite or two of the salads. The brisket was only marginally better.

                      I will probably stick to Let's Be Frank and the Cha-Cha bowl, and hope for a better year next year...

                      1. re: susancinsf

                        I had the pulled pork sandwich with the bbq sauce and it was pretty decent.

                        1. re: singleguychef

                          I was going to say the same thing. The pulled pork is the thing to get there.

                          1. re: sgwood415

                            Well, ok, might give it one more try. However, it is hard to believe it is that much better than the very poor quality of what I did get. I certainly wouldn't get a platter (no point paying for inedible sides)...

                            Who knows, maybe the concession stands are also out of the running.

                            But, there is always next year!