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Jul 27, 2007 11:21 AM

Perfect restaurant for a bridal shower in East Bay?

Hello! My sister and I are planning a bridal shower and are looking for a restaurant in the East Bay that has a small room or private area to host around 25 people.

To try and make things convenient for friends and family on both sides of the Caldecott Tunnel, we're hoping to find a location in Walnut Creek, Concord, or surrounding areas.

It would be ideal if the restaurant had a brunch menu or some sort of catering possibility so we could have a set menu for the shower. All types of food welcome.

Thanks for your help. :)

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  1. All of the below have private rooms. The price range is all levels.

    Embassy suites @ Pleasant Hill Bart on Treat

    Massimo in Walnut Creek

    Boundary Oak in Walnut Creek

    Chef Choy in Pleasant Hill

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        Embassy suite is average hotel , they do a nice brunch on weekends and you can then carry it into the private room.

        Massimo is very good, upscale food and feeling. Not a handicapped accessible upstairs private room. I think entrees are $15-$25. They will work with groups.

        Boundry Oak, been a while. But lovely setting and for the last 30+ years good chefs have come and gone. Priced like Massimo

        Chef Choy is very good Chinese food. Lower price, great service. Calamari is incredible. Now served as appetizer and entree ( if you ask ) East Lake soup is wonderful, perfect balance of the cilantro and other flavors. Our son eats here regularly and says they just get better. I have had several groups here and the staff was very easy to work with.

    1. Thanks so much for the recs, Janet. We stopped by Massimo today and it looks perfect! The private room is just right for our expected size (~30 people), and the banquet prices seem very reasonable. We chatted with a really nice waiter and bartender while waiting to meet with the manager. I appreciate the suggestion!

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        This just jogged my memory about a graduation party we attended in Massimo's private room. What really stands out was the service and the willingness of Massimo's to accommodate a request for a veg option without advance notice. They were very gracious and we ended up eating a delicious veg friendly pasta dish. I have really nice memories of that party.