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Jan 3, 2006 06:24 PM

Looking for fresh flour tortillas

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I'm looking for fresh flour tortillas. I don't like the mission brand, or even the la tapatia tortillas you buy at the super market. I hate how they have the wierd preservatives after taste. I normally have my cousin bring a whole bunch from Mexico and then I freeze them. I like how the tortillas from Mexico has a good flavor to it, (maybe because of the lard). I love the tortillas from Chevys, but too bad they don't sell them anywhere besides the restaurant.

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    Robert Lauriston

    Some branches of Costco (I've found them in San Leandro, not in Richmond) have preservative-free uncooked flour tortillas in the refrigerator case. They're made with canola oil rather than lard, but the flavor is excellent.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston
      curtis grunsky

      try trader joe's they have some good selections

      1. re: curtis grunsky

        Trader Joes are wonderfully blistered, moist and beady (and freeze well). Slather it up with some whipped honey butter and your'll have my saturday snack.

        1. re: Leikvold
          Robert Lauriston

          I've never had a tortilla (or tortilla chip) from Trader Joe's that I found satisfactory.

      2. re: Robert Lauriston

        The brand at Costco is Tortillaland

        They are $5 for a 36 count pack. Robert is right, absolutely no perservative taste. By far the best tasting tortillas I have found around here.


      3. i think mollie stone's has them

        1. Tortilleria Pinto in downtown Vallejo on Sonoma Blvd. basically produces & packages tortillas and fries up corn chips during their operating hours and is open to the public.

          During the farmers market on Saturdays, I've seen people rush in there to pick up some freshly pressed tortillas I'm assuming for their own businesses.

          I picked up a package of newly made tortillas at 5-doz. for $1.75 (granted, these were corn tortillas, and it was more tortillas than I could ever use) but they were good-tasting and still warm several hours after I bought them.

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          1. re: JojoA
            Melanie Wong

            I like the corn tortillas from Pinto. The tamales are good too. They used to make them on Friday afternoon, so if that's still true, your best bet for getting a fresh out of the steamer sample.

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              This place actually what started the tamale interest - I noticed the plain, handwritten "Tamales" sign as I first walked in to check out the place.

              I did have to haul my high school Spanish out to talk with the lone woman working there, but I apparently remembered enough to ask the right questions. They now have tamales Saturday and Sunday mornings, but I just haven't had a chance to get down there to sample them, though.

          2. I don't know where you are, but you might try the flour tortillas at La Palma Mexicatessan on 24th in the Mission (SF). Look for the La Palma packaging in the back of the store, at the hot food counter.

            Disclaimer: It's been a couple of years since I tried these myself, but they seem very popular whenever I'm in there.

            1. p
              Pius Avocado III

              La Borinquena in downtown Oakland makes 'em.