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Jul 27, 2007 11:02 AM

Torontonians coming to Boston....

So I'm coming to Boston and surrounding area for 3 days in August to watch a red sox game and take in the sights and sounds of the city and beyond....
I am not too familiar with Boston and am looking forward to tasting a few of the local faves....what are they?

Are there any good eats at Fenway park? An all american dog is what i'm thinking....

The main thing I would love to try is a good seafood restaurant near the ocean/water....and not necessarily fancy. I am imaging eating fried fish with the smell of the ocean in the background...where can we drive for this? We want to spend that same day at a nice oceanside beach so recs would be much appreciated.

And finally we are heading to Fallriver...any recs?

....thanks :)

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  1. I'll give this a first try as I've done the opposite (Toronto for a blue jays red sox game last year) and TO is my birthplace. RE Fenway, the food at the park is overpriced and dreadful. Just outside the park, there are some sausage stands and one owned by Luis Tiant with a latin theme. Nearby in Kenmore square, U burger for fresh burgers, India Quality for Indian with a kick and Eastern Standard for upscale american. Nearby is Trattoria Toscana for mid priced Tuscan. Hotdogs are much better at the TO carts but Speeds a cart parked in Newmarket square is a revelation (difficult for a tourist to find). For ocean dining in the rough and the beach try Cape Ann. , Rob Moore or Lobster pool or oceanside lobster in Rockport or for fried clams/ fish,the Clam Box (Rte 1) in Ipswich, Essex seafood or the village restaurant (Rte 133 ) in Essex. For Fall River, you should try Portuguese food and tehre are a number of great recs on this or teh NE board by Louis.

    1. I will give the beach/seafood a shot; I will say that the food inside Fenway is not great and way overpriced; as far as eating in or around Boston, you may get better replies if you give an idea of the type of food and experience you want. That being said as far as Seafood near Water and Nice Beach, I have 2 suggestions, as you are going to Fall River anyway, close by in Westport is an excellent Seafood restaurant right on the water, The Back Eddy, fabulous sunsets (website is, close by the restaurant is also a very nice beach, Horseneck Beach; also close to Fall River is Tiverton, Rhode Island, where fresh seafood can be had at Evelyn's Drive-In (website:; if you want to head north of Boston to a beautiful beach, try Cranes Beach in Essex and after the beach have delicious Seafood at The Village Restaurant in Essex ( or if you prefer to take out and sit at a table outside, stop by J.T. Farnhams also in Essex (disregard the lines and keep driving by Woodmans in Essex).

      1. The only 3 in the Ipswich/Essex area (about a 45 min. drive from Boston) that are on the water are Farnham's (Ipswich), Woodmans (Ipswich) and Tom Shea's (Essex). Woodman's is not thought of very highly on this board. Crane's Beach in Ipswich is beautiful.

        In Boston proper is the Barking Crab.

        All of these places are on the water, in-the-rough, fresh fried seafood places.