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Jul 27, 2007 10:20 AM

Eastern shore recs

Coming back after being away for over five years. Looking for good crab soup, crab cakes, oysters, everything I think of in regards to good ol eastern shore food. Where should I go?

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  1. Nothing fancy, but it's really honest to goodness Eastern Shore flavor -- Holly's in Grasonville.

    Great and incredibly cheap fried chicken, thick cream of crab soup, oyster stew (it's not on the menu, but they make it if you ask and they're in season) and awesome apple dumplings (make room for them). Seriously, this won't put you back more than $20 I swear, but it's clean, good Eastern Shore food. They even have the shotgun above the kitchen door to boot. I can think of no better place to welcome you home.

    Holly's Motel & Restaurant
    108 Jackson Creek Rd, Grasonville, MD 21638

    1. Peakys 30361 Mount Vernon Rd
      Princess Anne, MD 21853

      The DQ in Cambridge on 50 is amazing - i always go for butterfinger with caramel - you will notice there is always a line winter spring summer or fall

      Bay Country Bakery
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      608 Shoal Creek Mall
      Cambridge, MD 21613
      (410) 228-9111- the sour cream dounut is amazing as well as most everything else - old school and not open on weekends

      for a nicer meal Market St Inn in Salisbury has enjoyable meal - one of the better of the city

      Suicide Bridge Restaurant in Vienna MD