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Jul 27, 2007 10:04 AM

Deciding between a couple places in portland- help please!

Always like to try new places when I visit one of my favorite cities. I am on a student budget so i usually eat cheap, thanks to this board! This time I want to splurge for a special dinner with my traveling comapnions, but special for us is around the 15-25 entree range, not too much more. I have always wanted to try Wildwood, but also have heard good things about Paley's Place, Lucy's Table- anyone who has ben to these please advice which was your favorite, or if I should go elsewhere. I haven't been to PDX in a year, so there may be some new places? Looking for well prepared, interesting food, not your run of the mill stuff, particularily seafood, and good atmosphere,


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  1. Sorrento's on 21st is one of our favorites - especially for a group. If you have enough people, they have great private rooms, too.

    1. oops - sorry - that's serratos!

      1. Note that you're pushing things a little at the $15-25 entree range at Paley's and Wildwood. I prefer Wildwood, although the atmosphere of Paley's may make the meal feel more special.

        There are definitely some new places worth looking at: Le Pigeon, Toro Bravo, and Clyde Common are three of the best places in town right now and they're all cheaper than Wildwood or Paley's Place. Le Pigeon can be a little tight, especially now that there's so much family seating. Toro Bravo has a good atmosphere and some of the best service in town along with the great food. I haven't spent more than $30/person there yet. Clyde Common has mostly family seating, but it's a bigger place and doesn't feel too cramped. Terrific food in a fun downtown atmosphere.

        At that price range, I would also suggest places like Lovely Hula Hands, Park Kitchen, Country Cat, Tabla, etc. Lots of recs here already. However, one thing to pay attention to is that these mid-priced places tend not to take reservations. Le Pigeon is an exception. As is Park Kitchen, and I think, Tabla. Of course Wildwood and Paley's both take credit cards.