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Jul 27, 2007 09:54 AM

Is Vetri worth the money?

I am planning reservations for this fall - my girlfriends birthday is in October. I was thinking of taking her to Vetri or maybe Lacroix or the Fountain. Is Vetri worth the money or would it be better spent at one of the other places?

I am guessing a meal would be somewhere around $300 for two? Is that out of the ballpark or with tip, tax, and drinks would this be about right?

I have been doing some reading and I hear a lot of people raving, but also a lot of people that say that its overpriced, food portions are too small, etc. However, it seems like a very romantic, special occasion place so that is why I was looking to go there. Do the portions seem small in general, or is this really only for the tasting menu?

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  1. I have had the tasting menu many times and never felt the portions were small - I frequently can not finish my last savory plate, and I get the smaller number of courses - and I can eat! Whichever way you choose to go it is most definitely worth every penny (Note: the tasting must be done on some nights and I am not sure it is available every night). Put yourself in Jeff Benjamin's (co-owner/sommolier) capable hands for wine selection(s) as well. 300 to 350 is correct

    1. It's definitely worth it, although we usually go a la carte. Also, would suggest you take an 8:30 or 9:00 reservation, so you can linger as long as you like.

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        I am in the huge minority but I did not find the place either romantic (I did have the table right next to the door and people practically werer bumping into our table as they opened the door), nor worth the high price (and I never fuss about price).
        I also found the menu, which some might consider creative, quite ambitious and therefore difficult for me to order from.
        I would probably opt for the really romantic Fountain.
        But I do admit, this is just me!

      2. I thought the food at Vetri was excellent. However, I would not consider the atmostphere romantic (imo), since it seems so tight in there for me. If your gf is a picky eater (like some of my friends), ordering can be a bit difficult. Some of the selections are a bit ambtitious if you are a person who is not somewhat adventurous.
        Would I go back? Yes. But, I'm not rushing to do so with so many other great choices in town. Personally, I would find the Fountain much more impressive for a romantic dinner. The chairs are really comfortable, it's quiet, the food is excellent, and you're not sitting on top of other people. Maybe you should look at the menus on-line to see what you think she would like best. Good luck

        1. I would pick Vetri over Fountai or Lacroix in a quick minute. I think Vetri is well worth the money. The food and service are both outstanding. When I've had the tasting menu, I've been so stuffed that I usually don't finish the meat course, and I'm not a small eater.

          For me, it is a definite special occasion place and can be quite romantic. It is small, which gives a nice, intimate feel. I've heard several poor reports about Lacroix lately, and while the Fountain is nice, to me it is much more ordinary in terms of food and I don't find the larger space romantic at all. To me, it has a more corporate feel.

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            I can't speak for vetri, i haven't been lucky enough to go yet, but you will likely spend close to $300 at lacroix too--not sure about the poor reports of late, but I went there in april of 2006 and it was worth every penny. Lacroix was very romantic and classy.

          2. Another vote for Lacroix. It is beautiful and elegant, yet comfortable.
            We have been to Vetri twice and enjoyed it very much, but I don't think of it as romantic. Since there are mixed feelings about it as a special occasion place, why take a chance?
            If you go to Lacroix, let them know it is your girlfriend's birthday. She will get a small but delicious treat with her name on it.

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              It comes down to your taste. Just wanted to add my two cents that we think Vetri IS romantic and worth the money for a special occasion. It's cozy.