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Jul 27, 2007 09:54 AM

San Pedro Seafood Spots?

Hey board?

My folks will be visiting for a day after taking a cruise. I'll be picking them up in San Pedro which I'm not to familar with.

Can you guys share some good seafood spots to dine at, lunch/dinner?

This is for Sept.

Thanks in advance,


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  1. I've not been to the 22nd Street Landing in years, but I remember it had decent food, good service, and a good view. Here's their website:

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    1. re: Pamela

      Ya, the 22nd Street Landing was nice years ago but twice in the last two years we walked out. We wanted to relive what once was a nice indoor dock-side meal which we enjoyed several times years ago. I have no idea what the food is like now because the very poor service made3 us go away.

      My fav. Spot for a very laid-back outdoor wharf-like ambiance and very fresh fish is
      San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant
      1190 Nagoya Way, Berth 78
      Ports O'Call Village
      San Pedro, CA 90731
      (310) 832-4251

      For nice indoor dinning we drive to Redondo Beach to the Bluewater Grill,

      1. re: JeetJet

        We have been to the 22nd St. Bar & Grill twice in the past month while on business down that way and it was great, both food and service both times. The service was unpretentious and very friendly. And the setting is nice.

        My main gripe about the Ports O' Call Village is that it always seems so run down and dirty / trash over flowing from bins and not being policed off of the ground -- not in the restaurants but just the outside feeling in general is sad.

        1. re: JeetJet

          My one and only experience at Blue Water Grill in RB was not a good one. The restaurant got good reviews way back then, which is why I decided to venture out there. We ordered an entree each, plus oysters, as I had heard good things about the oysters (and I'm not even a fan of oysters).

          Unfortunately, the service was terrible, the entrees were sub-par, and the oysters were awful! If you don't know what obese oysters taste like, go to the Blue Water Grill. The taste and texture of fatty oysters will just about sicken you.

            1. re: SIMIHOUND

              This post is more about sea food spots. The other post is for any kind of food.

            2. re: Pamela

              I have gone to Bluewater Grill at least several times in the last 18 months. My brother-in-law lives next door to the place and eats there once or twice each week. The service has always been the best but the food has been even better. We had the oysters twice and they were very fresh. The Halibut Fish’n chips were very good. I have only gone at lunch and I always get the cold lobster roll. A great sandwich but I ask that they put the salad on the side. The chowder and fresh sourdough are reason enough to make me return.

              Almost two years ago we went to 22nd St. after taking a ride on the fire boat. We were the only people in the waiting area and waited 15 min. before anyone noticed we were there. After ten more min we got a table. While waiting in the waiting area we sat next to the "live" lobster tank and noticed two lobsters swimming upside-down. About ten more minutes after being seated we were asked what we wanted to drink. Ten min later we still had no drinks and the place only had several other tables with customers. I never would have stayed after the first ten min. but we were with the In-laws and it was once a fav place for them. We finally left. About six months ago we all tried is again and deja-vo -- all over again. Thus Bluewater Grill, "Here we come again."

              1. re: Ernie

                Ernie, I respect what you have to say about San Pedro Chow. I also know that by simply posting one word, "Neil's" that you are making a statement something like, "Nuff said." Last time 5 of us were in town my sister-in-law was trying to recall a seafood pasta place that she ate at once before but she could not recall the location. She was told about the place by the firefighters over at the Fire Boat. Anyway, I just called her and said one word, "Neil's." And she answered, "That's the place."

                Now that you have my attention plase say what to order there.

                Neil's Pasta & Seafood Grill
                383 W 5TH St
                San Pedro, CA
                (310) 548-3495

                1. re: JeetJet

                  The fresh fish specials are the best choices. Last time I ate there I enjoyed fresh sole with capers and lemon

                2. re: Ernie

                  Ernie, have you been to Admiral Risty? It's been on our radar but somehow we haven't gotten there yet. I know just by looking at the menu prices that it's on the more $$$$ side, so maybe that's why we haven't tried it yet.


                  1. re: Servorg

                    I love Admiral Risty. Very old school place that reminds me of something out of Three's Company (think seafood version of the Regal Beagle) and the fish is excellent. Pricey but worth it. The grilled fresh Halibut with almonds is a must-try and if you like cioppino, their version is a local favorite