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WOW!!!!! Tamarind Tree

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Okay, so first of all I am totally in love with your city (Seattle) I spent a week in Vashon and then the city itself... What a life we are missing out by living in LA instead of this green lush and friendly city

On the last night I had dinner with a group of friends at a place called Tamarind Tree. Blueberry Martini (WOW) , the coconut flan(along with the other 5 deserts we tried) will blow your mind and then your taste buds, and the food itself is an exotic experience not be missed by anyone

Drinks, food, desert, .... all in all came to about 30 per person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A DEAL

Here is my shout out for the restaurant:

A Fantastic Wine list at LOW LOW prices with to DIE FOR food at price too low to mention
Tamarind Tree
1036 South Jackson Street
Seattle, Washington

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  1. Barcelona, Glad you enjoyed your Seattle visit. Tamarind Tree has been a Chowhound favorite for years. On your next visit, order the Szechuan crab at Seven Stars restaurant. You'll never return to LA.