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Jul 27, 2007 09:14 AM

Momofuku Ssam Bar

Went last night while waiting for my spot at the sushi bar at Kanoyama 2 blocks down. Had more amazing smoked southern ham which may actually be on a par with jamon iberico with the amazing red eye gravy (mustard and coffee I think?). Also the sliced raw diver scallops with lemon puree and pickled cherries and seaweed were fantastic as was the smoked hamachi sashimi with little crunchy seaweed bits and toasted chickpea flour in a pea/edamame(?) sauce. Expensive but worth it. Disappointed that the uni dish was gone.

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  1. That sounds delicious. I went a few weeks ago with some friends and split the Bo Ssam (whole pork butt, dozen oysters, kimchi, rice, and bibb lettuce). It was the most tender piece of pork I've ever had. It's served only with tongs ... that's how easily the meat separates.

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        It can feed 6 people comfortably with no sides. But once you start ordering appetizers, bread, sides ... it can hit up to 10 people ... for real. Everytime I get the Bo Ssam, I always end up bringing half of it home. It's tough because they only have table space for 6-8. I'd recommend going and only getting the shoulder. You can always order more after.

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        Went a few days ago and we had the scallops, chicken ballotine, and pork ribs. The scallops were great - it's a really well balanced dish, maybe slightly too sweet for some, but I enjoyed the sweetness with the raw scallops. The lemon puree is very interesting. The chicken I really didn't enjoy that much - just not my thing, but the ribs were good. Huge dish with lots of tender meat practically falling off the bone. Enjoyed the small sunchoke salad that came with it.

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          Can someone give me an idea of the portion sizes and prices here? There would be 2 of us for dinner.

          1. re: JMB

            4-6 dishes, as they're small plates, about $40-50 per person.