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Jul 27, 2007 09:10 AM

Good eats near Henry Ford Museum

Looking for good eats near the Henry Ford Museum. Thanks for your help.

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  1. Oakwood Bar on Oakwood and M39 (Southfield Fwy) has a decent burger and fries but is smokey sometimes. The Senate Coney Island on Greenfield is an okay place if you like coney island type food. In Dearborn east of M39 on Michigan Ave. is the M&M Cafe, near Schaefer. This place has excellent food (crab cakes, salmon cakes, etc.). Their specials change daily.

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    1. re: Summerfield

      -BEST BURGER EVER @ Miller's Bar...Michigan Ave & Telegraph.
      -Tons & Tons of good Middle Eastern...particularly recommend La Shish on Michigan Ave or New Yasmeen on Warren Ave (there's a whole strip of hole-in-the-wall family owned middle eastern restaurants on this strip)

      1. re: g rote

        Yes, of course, Miller's Bar. OP wanted "good eats near Henry Ford Museum". You could fall down into Oakwood Bar from the Henry, hence the rec. Also, Miller's is often hard to get into. I like La Shish, but you have to pay for parking in west Dearborn now, so I don't recommend places there anymore. New Yasmeen is good, if OP wanted to travel that far. Perhaps I'm taking "near HFM" too literally. Maybe OP will post back and say how far they are willing to travel.

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          Thanks for the suggestions. I was in Detroit last weekend. Went to the original Shish, pretty sure it was on Michigan Ave. Excellent bread and Humus. Everything else was good. To our disapointment Miller's was closed on Sunday. Was in a time crunch ended up at Cheli's Chili Bar just down the street. Ordered the chili because of the joints name. Not good, more like a tomato and bean soup with chili essence. Had a burger as well. It seems like most sports bars/ restaurants ask you how you want your burger then send it back well done regardless of how you ordered it. Cheli's Chili Bar is no exception. Some at our table felt the bacon on their BLT's tasted livery.

          1. re: ocaladevil

            You've got the general impression of Cheli's Chili Bar correct. If it didn't have Chris Chelios' name on the front of the building, that place would be *dead stinking empty*. It's honestly hard to do generic food as poorly as that place does, but somehow, they pull it off, making places like Applebees and TGIFridays look positively gourmet. Every time I've been there and eaten, I've had to shake my head and tell myself (AGAIN!) how stupid I was to spend money there. I would think, or at least hope, that most go there to drink.

            I've never cared for the food at La Shish (though there are lots of other ME places that I enjoy), but I'm glad it met with your approval. It's a darned shame that Miller's was closed when you were really is a heck of a great burger, and a wonderful experience: imagine, if you will, a place that doesn't give you a bill, but simply trusts that you'll walk up to the bartender and tell him what you had. Wonderful. The absolute worst thing about Miller's is that you often have to wait so long for a seat/table that it's hard to justify waiting that long.

            So, um, sorry about Cheli's! It's a "cool to be seen here (I suppose), lousy to eat here" kind of place. There really are a good number of places to eat in that area.

    2. Depends on your tastes...if you like typical "American" food, there are several decent restaurants/pubs at the corner of Michigan Avenue and Military St. (Between Oakwood and Telegraph). Examples: Pizza Papalis - Chicago style pizza, Cheli's chili bar - pub food, Kiernan's steakhouse.
      Also in this area is a great Vietnamese restaurant called Annam which is right in that area. Furthermore, the Middle Eastern restaurants in the area are great as well.

      1. Haven't been in the area for some time but is Kiernen's still open and any good (Michigan and Monroe)?

        1. I recommend LA Express Bistro on Michigan Avenue. The food is flavorful and the service is attentive. Try the bistro chicken sandwich - a marinated chicken breast on fresh-baked pita bread with a tangy honey mustard. It comes with house salad and choice of roasted potatoes or rice. You can't go wrong!

          1. I would also suggest La Shish in Dearborn. It's become a local chain of Middle Eastern food, and the food is delicious. Dearborn, having the largest concentration of Arabs in Norht America, also makes for a culturally-authentic experience.

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            1. re: zachary

              "A culturally authentic experience"?
              Try La Pita instead. At least they pay their taxes, and the food is much better.

              1. re: amandaqtpie

                More culturally-authentic than, say, eating at the La Shish by Macomb Mall. That's all I meant.

                Also, I'll have to try La Pita some time.