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Jul 27, 2007 08:24 AM

the new Cape Neddick Inn?

Has anyone been to the new Cape Neddick Inn on route 1 in Cape Neddick, ME? I think it re-opened last month after a couple of years as Talpeys Tavern. I understand it is under new ownership. Any good?

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  1. Thank God for small miracles...!
    I didn't realize that it has been repopened under the old name... We had been going there since the early 80s, back after the fire, and then stopped when Glenn, one of the original owners sold it. It didn't have the same feeling and the food got too high-brow. We were upset when we saw that it had reopened at Talpeys.
    Will have to check it out next we're up in York, which will be soon!

    1. The original Cape Neddick Inn that we all loved is back and as good as ever. Actually better in some respects. We love it and go all the time.
      The bar is especially nice and has a bar menu as well as the full menu. Only trouble is deciding what to order.
      Hope you all try it and help support the new owner Dave. He missed the old inn as much as we did and has brought it back...Yeah!

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        I was wondering if you could give some better directions as to where this place is located. Im familiar with the down town York that might help. Also know where the Cape Neddick lobster pound is. Thanks Earle

        1. re: Earle

          Cape Neddick Inn is on Route 1 - it is south of Ogunquit but north of Stonewall Kitchen. So, if you get off the highway at the Ogunquit exit (last exit before the Maine Turnpike) and take a left, it is on the right hand side on the way to Ogunquit.