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Jul 27, 2007 08:00 AM

Dinner for 4

Hi there,

looking for a rec for a great dining experience as well as a "WOW" factor (Wow factor can include menu, location, view, service, ambience..etc) for the coming Monday. budget around $50-$100 pp. i hear good things about C5 can anyone confirm.


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  1. C5 was recently reviews on the boards.

    My own experience there was quite good... nice views of the city, impressive space, very attentive service. The food was delicious and there was something for everyone (even a not-so-adventurous meat and potatoes uncle was impressed).

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    1. re: tartiflette

      C5 is only open for dinner Thurs, Fri & Sat so that counts it out..

      1. re: OnDaGo

        C5 was open for lunch when it first opened.

        1. re: Dimbulb

          Sorry, yes it is still open for lunch every day but only open for dinner on the above nights...

    2. Terroni (on Queen) never fails me - specials always rule! I had a great time at Coca the other night $35 a head (plus wine) for a great selection of tapas, something for everyone + some of the best bread in town! Asian Legend in Chinatown is a modern chic styled chinese place, not the usual flouro's - I've only been for dim sum, but the foil wrapped beef + onion rolls OMG!!!...My favorite French place is easily Le Paradis Bistro (perfect bavette!) on Bedford rd, easily will fit the budget and has a great open kitchen and requisite snooty but very pro french waiters...Again on Queen street, although I miss the Bamboo, Irie has been a great sub, rum punch is the best, jerk chicken authentic while presented nicely with mash, coconut shrimp app yum! and chicken communista is the girls favorite, sit in the back, an intimate space I wouldn't have guessed was right there...I've heard good things about Kubo Radio on the east side, haven't been myself...authentic mexican on Bloor, Mexi Taco has it -- mama cooks in the back, make a trip to
      the loo to peek in on the kitchen, lacks atmosphere but in the same way has a real feel to it, fun experience & great food...Baldwin overall has never really blown me away, but it does has a nice vibe to it, Gateways to India has great food, best order out spot I know...back to queen west, Korean at San is so cheap while quite inspired, 4 of us once ate tons with cocktails for under $100, great spare ribs...lots of variety on the menu...

      ...I could go on, if these aren't cutting it....I will........gotta love a slow friday in the studio!

      1. Monday's are tricky - double check what is open.

        My suggestions are:
        Batifole for food and location
        Canoe for food and view
        JK Wine bar for food, atmosphere
        Mildred Pierce (if still open?) for food, ambiance, service, *location
        Archeo for location and ambiance
        Perigee for food, location, service, ambiance

        *in a different 'wow' sort of way...

        1. OK, so, I read the original post wrong...could happen to anyone! My suggestions are more like for 2 about $100....sorry, talk about a tangent!

          So, then, maybe:
          Starfish - fresh seafood, highlighting ingredients
          Lee - great atmosphere, interesting + tasty
          Thuet!!! - best french bistro hands down
          Coulliards' Spice Room (is he still there?) - OK, haven't been, but sounds wicked!
          Trevor Kitchen - trendy, but good food

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          1. re: Recyclor

            Again most of these are closed Monday - thuet, lee for sure

            1. re: Recyclor

              I second Starfish.. what a great idea!! They have a deal on oysters. 100 oysters for $100. And their food is great.
              I'm not sure if they're open on Monday's though.

            2. I would have to agree with "thenurse" that the Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar is excellent. Perhaps not so much a "wow", depending on what defines "wow", however, exceptional food, great ambiance (quaint and somewhat communal), with an open kitchen which always delivers the freshest of foods. This is a restaurant I always recommend, however, they do not take reservations for dinner, so there is often a wait.

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              1. re: stevenayla

                But they are good enough to take your cell number so you can go get a cocktail someplace nearby. Foundation Room a couple of door north is good for drinks (not so much for dinner), Izakaya around the corner for sake, or C'est What for a beer.

                1. re: TorontoJo

                  I have to step in here...someone earlier mentioned Trevor!!! Check some of the other threads about this place. The only Wow would be something like, wow what was this guy thinking...that place is not going to last!!!! It is one of the worst meals I have had this year, hands down! Maybe even the worst. I'll give you 'trendy' but definitely not Wow in my books....sorry. Goes to show though, that trendy isn't always a good thing.

                  1. re: millygirl

                    Poor Trevor....his heart is really in the right place...he just needs a strong manager to step and retrain his front of house staff and he needs someone to be honest with him with regard to his food. Some times a great sous chef does not make a great chef....Trevor just needs a bit of guidance...

                    1. re: millygirl

                      ..My boss took me out to Trevor about a week after it opened, I had an elk steak with fois gras melting over it, no complaints on that from me, the martini's were lousy though, warm...trendy isn't really my thing, definatly takes some attention away from the food, although I'd rather try something new than go back, I enjoyed myself that night...