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Jul 27, 2007 07:32 AM

Glover Park: Restaurant hot spot?

I live in Glover Park, a neighborhood that doesn't usually fall into the first tier of neighborhoods one usually associates with DC (Georgetown, Dupont Circle, U Street, etc.) but I'm continuously surprised at the quality and breadth of good restaurants we have in the area. I'll tally them up:

-Heritage India (!)
-Old Europe (!)
-Chef Geoff's (!)
-Sushi Ko (!)
-Town Hall

And, just yesterday, Ceviche (from rain maker Mauricio Fraga-Rosenfeld) just opened up. It's gettin' good in the neighborhood.

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  1. No mention of Margarita's? I love that place.

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    1. re: Big T

      My bad...totally spaced on Margaritas. However, I must say that I've had their over priced burritos and could get something almost as good at Chipotle for three bucks less.

      1. re: GarlicandGinger

        Never had their burritos (if you're looking for burritos you need to head over to Columbia Heights). I'm a big fan of their chips and salsa, and when I'm in the mood for quick and dirty (tex-)mexican, their enchiladas always hit the spot. I like the hole-in-the-wall feel that it's got too.

    2. I've been to a number of restaurants in Glover Park when a friend lived there that I really enjoyed...particularly Bourbon and Town Hall are great neighborhood spots for both food and booze.

      My issue is the lack of metro. Without a car...I can't get there as easily nor as often.

      1. Don't you guys also have some awesome ice cream place? I heard someone recommend it to me awhile back on an ice cream thread but I never got there because I don't have a car.

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        1. re: Elyssa

          Max's Ice Cream on Wisconsin is the place. I've had the spicy apple pie and rasberry chocolate ice cream the last two times I've been and I'd highly recommend both, although almost everything I've had there has been delicious.

          Oh, and has anyone been to Ceviche yet? I liked Austin Grill before it closed, and hoped to visit Ceviche before I move out of town in a few weeks.

          1. re: drjimkim

            At Max's, any ice cream with the word 'pie' in its name is probably pretty damn good.

        2. I'd add Curry Club to your list, 1700 block of Wisconsin.

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          1. re: Geoff

            Right on, with Max's ice cream. Another award winner that I forgot to mention. But Curry Club, although I'd like to include that in the list, falls outside the autonomous boundaries of Glover Parkistan. We claim nothing south of Whitehaven.

          2. My wife visited our daughter, who lives in Glover Park, in March, and she (they) loved Heritage India and Old Europe. And, for some reason, Kavanagh's pizza is totally underrated (or worse, not rated) on this board. I ate it when I got my turn to visit in April and loved it. I'm gettin' hungry.