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Jul 27, 2007 07:05 AM

Where can I find smoked eel?

Making sushi tonight, was going to run by Quality Seafood after work for tuna, but I'm on the hunt for smoked eel. I went to MT last night, searched every aisle, and asked a few of the staff, but no dice. Does anyone know where I might find it here in town?


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  1. Try one of the Korean markets on North Lamar - there's one in the strip mall at Airport (northeast corner), and another on the west side of Lamar, just south of Koenig/2222. There's another one in a strip mall on Lamar, but I can't remember what the closest intersection to that would be. Asahi on Burnet would probably have eel too.

    The smoked eel is usually in the frozen section, at least that's what I've found in Austin. Defrost it, baste with unagi sauce, and stick under the broiler for a little bit (or grill it).