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Jul 27, 2007 06:41 AM

Visiting during EXTENDED restaurant week

These restaurants are extending their "restaurant week" specials:

Butterfield 9 - July 30-Aug. 19
Colvin Run Tavern - Aug. 6-19
Dino - all of August
Farrah Olivia - Aug. 1-26
Oya - through Sept. 1.
Willow - Aug. 6-18
Zaytinya - Aug. 6-25.

We're visiting Aug. 16-20 and I'd love to stop by one or two of these. Recommendations, hounds? I like fresh, inventive cuisine of all kinds, but DH doesn't care for much Asian food. :-( Other than that, send me in the right direction! Thanks!

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  1. My suggestions would be Dino for delicious, rustic Italian with an excellent wine list (they are also offering their entire menu).

    And Butterfield 9 for delicious fresh ingrediants close to the White House (for an after dinner strole).

    1. Also don't forget about 1789's Summertime coupon special if you are looking for something classic-DC.

      1. Also Cafe Atlantico is extending their RW menu to the 25th. They have great Nuevo Latin food.

        1. Any idea if Corduroy is extending their RW menu? I have heard that they might possibly be doing so, but hadn't seen a definite confirmation of it? Thanks.

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          1. I just did a quick look and Jaleo, Lima, and PS7 are also extending their RW menu.

            SLOLinsday I would highly recommend PS7's. The menu is playful and delicious and the layout and design of the restaurant is one of the chicest spots in town.

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              Wow, Elyssa, that menu looks fantastic. I think it will fit the bill nicely.
              Also I've been looking at the 1789 menu and the coupon looks like a great deal!