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Jul 27, 2007 05:58 AM

Is there any good Thai in Columbus?

I moved to Columbus (OH) a couple of years ago from Chicago - where there was a dearth of Thai places to choose from....most of which were pretty darn good. Since then, I've been trying to find decent Thai here in Columbus but have not been successful. Other than Thai Orchid (passable but still misses the mark by far) or Thai Taste (Went there last night. Their Panang Curry was really bad and the Pad Thai was not the best in town, as they claim.) what do you recommend that I try?

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  1. Hunan Lion on Bethel has a Thai section to their menu and I really like it. There is also a place in Grandview Heights on the corner of King and Grandview Avenue )across the street from Gentile's Wine Shop) that is more like fast food because you order at the counter, but the food is quite good. It has the largest amount of choices I've seen. I don't know if it will be as good as what you had in Chicago, but those are 2 worth trying. Thai Taste has let me down quite a few times, and I agree with you on Thai Orchid. I think the place in Grandview is called Thai Kitchen, but I can't remember. It is in an old Tim Horton's.

    1. It is more of a carryout place than a sit down place:

      Nongs Hunan Express
      1634 Northwest

      Don't let the name fool you. It is a Thai restaurant.

      1. My choice for the best, by far, is Bangkok Restaurant on Refugee Rd. It's about a mile south of I-70 on Winchester Pike. (exact address: 3283 Refugee Rd). It's not all the sticky sweet american-style thai with lots of friendly peanut and coconut flavors, but rather seems much closer to authentic thai. (one poster on the Columbus Underground dining forum even argued it was "too authentic" because it served squid, which to me is a hearty endorsement vs other places in town).

        Warning: no liquor license so byo if that's important.

        Bangkok has great pad thai, but can be a little on the greasy side. For me, the absolute best pad thai in town is actually served by Nida's sushi in the north market. who would have guessed?

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          I agree that Bangkok is the best by far; we drive over from Dayton to eat there and to shop at the Thai market right next door (where you can buy Singha to drink with your dinner if you so desire). A Thai friend told me about Bangkok and we've been going there for about 10 years--it's stll great!

        2. Thai Orchid on Sawmill Road (just north of I-270) is my favorite Thai place in Columbus. Some of the best pad thai I've had.

          1. Ps Thai Tai on King Ave in Grandview has very good Thai. Fairly extensive menu with rotating specials. And if it isn't on the menu, they'll probably make it for you. Very friendly staff.

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              Thanks, I drove by there the other day and wondered if they were any good. Next time I'll stop in.

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                I'll third the rec for Bangkok. Not much to look at inside or out, iffy part of town, but man is it good. If you like larb...this is the place to get it. Great Tom Yum as well...giant shared bowl over a warmer brought to the table. It'll cure whatever ails you.

                Thai Orchid can be very good as depends on what you like. As with all restos, they do some dishes better than others. Don't give up on it because your main go to dish (like pad thai) isn't to you liking. As we all know, everyone has their own version of the mainstays but there are often hidden treasures if you keep trying other things. I think that's the problem with comparing asian restos. The menus are all pretty much the same so we tend to order our faves over and over again and compare the restos based on that one (or a small set) dish.

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                  Any feelings on Pad Thai (the restaurant) on Refugee Road?