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Jul 27, 2007 04:59 AM

Delmonico Opinons

Has anyone been to Emeril's Delmonico lately? Reading some mixed reviews at other boards. We want to go there for my birthday in October. Opinions please. Thanks!!!

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  1. Just go! When I went it was fantastic! Better than Prime. Some people will never be happy with anything, don't let them ruin your fun!

    1. respectfully disagree with elrushbo. prime is prime, and delmonico's is not, but that's just one hound's opinion.

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        I thought the steaks were about equal at both but the truffle mashed potatoes at Prime were not good at all. Little evidence of truffle, ordinary, like someone just mashed up plain potatoes with no seasoning at all. Green beans were the same, ordinary beans, I've made better myself easily. The truffle chips at Delmonico were heavenly, the barbeque shrimp also heavenly, everything at Delmonico was flawless. Imho both are equally polished, but food at Delmonico was better and the service was better as well.

      2. We've been several times, most have been great. Our last time was not as stellar, however, there were other factors at play which might have some impact on this that had nothing to do with the restaurant, and in retrospect, may have colored our opinion.

        In general tho, we have found their filet mignon's to be wonderful (we're not big on other kinds of steak). I have had fish there but I do think they excel at steak, and prefer going there for that. LOVE, love, love the truffled, garlic, parmesean potato fries - you must get those. We order them no matter how much other food we're getting and if we don't finish them (which, we never do) we pack them up and eat them the next day cold and they are just as good (we always have a fridge in our room).

        They have a great wine list, service has always been very professional. We like the room, it's rather subdued, not flashy and more mellow than a lot of his other restaurants.

        All in all, a nice experience, tho pricey, of course. There have been mixed reviews but don't let that stop you.

        1. We went to Delmonico's in January with a group of six. Overall, we were very disappointed. The food, with the exception of the filet, was mediocre at best. My ribeye was tough and chewy. The sides were good, but overall none of us were very happy with dinner. I have eaten at Prime, Charlie Palmer Steak, Craftsteak, Smith and Wolensky's and Nine in Las Vegas and enjoyed all of them a lot. Some friends went to Delmonico's a couple of weeks ago and just told me it wasn't very good. I don't know if they are living off their name or what, but there are too many good restaurants in Vegas to risk a bad experience for that kind of money. Good luck.


          1. Delmonico is way down on my list of steakhouses in Vegas. Try Craftsteak, Stripsteak, Prime, or even Del Frisco's or Envy before you go to Delmonico.