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looking for the best Earl Grey tea in London

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I love a very fragrant Earl Grey tea that I bought at Heathrow Airport. Unfortunately, I don't remember the brand. My friend gave me some Harrod's Earl Grey that I am drinking now but am not very satisfied. Please tell me what is your favorite brand and where to purchase them. Thank you.

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  1. Twining's is popular. That might be what you found at Heathrow. There is something called Ahmad Earl Grey blend and it's available online at a site called Gourmet Magic. An American friend of mine has ordered from them and liked this blend a lot, and he's quite the tea drinker.

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      I'm sure it's not Twining's. I just found out that a local British store here in the US carries Ahmad. I'll try it. Thanks.

    2. I'm sorry if this doesn't solve your tea mystery, but Stash's Double Bergamot Earl Gray is an awesome stateside version.

      1. My husband often buys me Fortnum and Mason teas at Heathrow, and my latest favorite is their Green Earl Grey tea.


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          Adding place:

          Fortnum & Mason
          181 Piccadilly, London, Greater London W1A 1ER, United Kingdom

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            I imagine Green Earl Grey would be much lighter. Does it also have the strong fragrance of bergamot? As for the black EG, do you like their Classic or Smokey?

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              The green is lighter, but does have the strong fragrance - it's really lovely, and I feel virtuous while drinking it. I prefer the classic for the black one. When I want a smokey flavor, I go for for Lapsang Souchong - though I've not tried F&M's.

          2. Ceylon Tea Centre just off Picadilly Circus. Fresh!

            1. I've found Taylors of Harrogate to be quite good. They have a wide selection rverthing I've tried including the Earl Grey has always been quite good. It's readily available in North America (assuming that's where you're located.) and reasonably priced.


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                I just bought a tin of Taylors of Harrogate myself and am very satisfied. It's very fragrant. I bought it in Oakland, California and am glad to have found something less expensive than Freres price level.

              2. I hate to be a snob but the best tea is not really available in London. Prime leaf tea is mostly exported to the continent, especially Germany. Are you in Europe? Mariage Freres in Paris is a little overexposed these days now that it has come down to gourmet grocery level, but still very solid. If by any chance you are in the US, the order via mail from Upton Tea.

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                  2nd Upton Tea...They offer several Earl Grey teas based on a variety of leaves & with differing amounts of bergamot...


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                    I can attest to the quality of Mariage Freres. It is very good. The Paris store is very interesting.


                  2. I am addicted to Earl Grey and my favourite brand is definitely Twinings. I do drink it with milk though, as lots of people do these days in England.